High Res GPS ?

I have playing with ardurover for a while. Great stuff ! Now I have migrated to the pix hawk version and I am working the transition out. My latest robot is a tracked 4000 pound diesel powered monster. My question for the discussion forum is accuracy. Say you want decimeter accuracy for the route - is that possible with GPS. Assume that cost is not an object - buy a subscription RTK service - sat or base station that delivers cm level accuracy. Will this provide decimeter accuracy to a rover ? I contacted the piksi folks and they are working to integrate with APM and they told me - oh no! Higher gps accuracy is no good - it's all about complex integration with all the inertial sensors. Does this make sense for a slow moving rover that is on the ground ? Comments please !

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  • I've been building a smaller, walking speed 100# rover. I'm running a Pixhawk and I've installed the Piksi. Just today I finally got RTK fix. But there is still lots of Piksi work to do. Plus I gather the communications between the Piksi and Pixhawk is currently only good to 1 meter... so lots of work everywhere... lots of fun!

  • Like Chrisa mentioned, multiple GPS positioned on the vehicle. Possibly a optical vision system to track moment also which be processed onboard expecially if you have something as big as you describe. I too want to see some pics 

  • Picture or I don't believe you! LOL

    It is possible, and if cost is not an issue you should go ahead and buy everything you see and try them all. Let us know.

    I would use a couple maybe 3 or 4 gps's situated around the 4 corners and using high quality antennae.

    As well having more sensors like inertial and if you are not going fast then that's good for inertial I think.

    If you have a camera or lidar that would be the best because it can identify points and visually verify any movement.

    Good luck

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