Manual Mode restarts Auto Mode

Hello all.

I have a rover set up, and it works great for the most part.  I'm using the APM 2.5+, APMRover2.20a firmware.

I use Mission Planner to set up my waypoints   I put it in auto mode and it takes off, working great, moving from waypoint to waypoint.  Say I have 10 waypoints, and after waypoint 5 I'm about to hit a tree.  I put it in Manual mode, drive around the tree, and put it back in auto mode to continue the rest of the plan.  However, instead of continuing on to 6, the rover heads back to waypoint 1 and starts all over again.  Obviously this is not what I intended, I want it to carry on to 6.

Is this the normal operation?

Is there any way around this?  I have seen references to "nudging", which sounds like you could control the rover without taking it out of auto mode.  But when I am in auto mode, the steering does not respond, I have to go back to manual mode to manually turn.  I can't find any nudge option in my parameters list though.

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    Unfortunately at this point in time, this is the way that the ArduRover code works. I have had the same thing happen to me when I disengaged the auto mode and went to manual. If you do not have the IR sensor obstacle avoidance detector enabled, I suggest that you implement the IR sensor function which will allow the rover to avoid obstacles without having to take manual control. I will add this issue to the growing list of ArduRover bugs and enhancements.



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