Hie everyone. I am having other issues now with my rover.

1. When ever i flick the switch for it to go into auto mode, it reverses, turns several times before correcting itself then going to the waypoints.

2. When it goes through a checkpoint it overshoots, then reverses and starts turning around then after some time corrects itself and then goes through the final waypoint. 

I always wait for the gps to get a lock before setting into auto mode

Does anyone have a suggestion or an idea as to why that could be happening? Thanks.

Here is the hardware i currently have

Apm 2.5

apm power module

CN06 Plus

Turnigy 9x tx and rx

Generic brushed motor esc

It has a skid steer tank steering setup. 


Failsafe setup


Radio Controls setup


Flight Modes


PID Setup


Image of my waypoints


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  • Admin


    Some suggestions:

    Change NavL1_Period to 7 - 8

    Change Cruise_Speed to 3m/s

    Change Cruise_Throttle to 30%

    Why is Cruise_Throttle Max set to 50%?

    Why is Speed2_Throttle P set to 0.345?

    Why is Steer2_Servo P set to 2.0? Your skid steering rover should have a much smaller turning radius.

    Change your Flight Modes to Auto, Auto, Learning, Learning, Manual, Manual until you get your issues ironed out.

    How close to the Home waypoint are you starting your rover and in what direction in relation to the direction of the first waypoint from the Home waypoint?


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer 

    • @TC3 - should the rover be reversing at all during coarse correction for skid steers?

    • Admin


      Unless you start it 180 deg out from the intended course, it should not be reversing course during a mission.

      I have built several skid steering rovers and they have completed a multiple waypoint mission course without reversing due to waypoint overshoot.


      TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

    • Yip, thought so, so should the reverse symptom described not be an indication of throttle channel reverse? Reacts fine with straight thru, but wrong way when the APM takes over?

    • Admin


      I have had a skid steering rover that drove just fine in the Manual Mode, but I had to use the aileron "reverse" check box in the MP Radio Calibration section to get it to steer correctly in the Auto Mode.

      I guess the same could be said for the throttle (elevator) channel if the rover is backing up instead of going forward at the start of a mission.


      TCIII AdruRover2 Developer

    • This time i even started the rover on the home waypoint  (facing towards the first waypoint) which is about 10m from the first waypoint. It drive normally in manual mode but the starting up issue is my main problem. Are there any youtube videos to show how to set up the ardurover?

    • Tawanda, please keep in mind that the GPS receiver does not have an orientation...well, except for antenna up. For a bearing to come out of the GPS it needs 2 or more consecutive points to calculate this. In stationary position the GPS does not know where it is facing. Also keep in mind that the accuracy of these L1 GPS's are around 2.5m with a good satellite spread. Now you can imagine the crunching happening in the GPS's processor to cook up a bearing with a rover going at 2m/s using positional data with a standard deviation of 2m.

      I have a wild thumper 6wd with skid steer, but I do not use APM to manage the skid. I have the wild thumper controller board do the mixing from APM. This way I get the rover to run my route. I still have some strange behaviour at mission start until the GPS get some decent bearing results. Then all seem OK. I've also run the rover in manual mode for 30 seconds or so, then bring it back to home and switch to auto. This way the GPS has good bearing results and can kick off the mission knowing where it is heading.

      What gets me is the reverse behaviour. There should be none of that. The only time I saw that was when my throttle channel was reversed.

      I hope you get this sorted - it would be a very good reference for the next skid steerer.

    • I like your idea of running it for a time manually before putting it in auto mode. I will try that and see if it solves my problem. Do you know what is the minimum amount of waypoints i can run? I currently have 2 waypoints, spaced at about 11-13m apart.  I will be going to a larger field and putting more waypoints later on.

    • HI, as far as I know you only need 1 waypoint. I's a good idea to test and diagnose on a bigger area, and don't go on a tarmac - I found that my thumper's traction were wearing badly on the motors whilst trying to tune. Stay on grass or fairly smooth paving.

      I looked at the suggested setting from TC3. The Cruise_Throttle at 30% causes my rover to weave. Mine is at 60%. I have my Nav_L1_Period at 10. Steer 2 servo P at 1.2. My turning radius at 0.5m.

      Good luck,


    • Hie again. i tried your suggestions and there is no change. (it keeps reversing and turning around in circles) bot the apm and gps are oriented correctly.  if i tick the reverse box, it just goes around in reverse.

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