Sabertooth 2x60 setup & configuration

Hi all,

I am attempting to use ArduRover to control a vehicle I have made using a 2x60 motor controller.

I am using the Sabertooth in RC mixed mode with linear response.

I can control the vehicle successfully in manual mode with my 9x.

When I setup some waypoints, upload them, and put the rover in auto, it starts off left-right-left-right erratically then smooths out.

It will sometimes eventually get to a way point but gets there in a very round about way taking really wide sweeping turns. Sometimes just goes around in a wide circle. What settings/parameters should I go to to try and sort this out?

Should I upload a log or video?

Thanks for any tips.


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  • Greetings!  I have set up a rover with a similar configuration to yours using the APM and a 2x60 sabertooth and am having trouble with dithering both when in steering mode and auto (manual is awesome…we are using mixed mode like you..  We adjusted the PID values to the point where the dithering was eliminated or reduced (also noticing that the violent side to side dithering was reduced when the rover was run on grass as opposed to the pavement.) it turns fine at high speed but now is unable to turn left or right when at a standstill. We also have our compass mounted on steel with only a small piece of velcro between the compass and the mounting bracket.  Did you have a list of values or PID settings that you had to change to get your rover working correctly?  Any help is much appreciated!  I look forward to your reply.

  • I discovered the ArduRover manual page ( today.. and it has some tips with the compass calibration that I will try next time I get a chance and report back.

    • Not sure if i wrote it in above posts but to be clear moving the ardupilot off a metal bracket to a timber one fixed my problem. (I am on tractor at moment and its hard to read everything).
    • Hi there. I used default PID settings. It was not perfect but worked pretty well. That project is on hold atm while working on UAV. It all changed for me when moving the ardupilot as i did not have external compass. Sorry i cannot be more help.
  • Ben, maybe it would help to post a picture of the vehicle and some more stats about it.  I recently had a maybe similar issue that was improved by changing the "D" to zero on the heading2steer and servo2steer parameters.  John

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