About Me:

I'm a disabled veteran interested in getting started in the quad rotor community. I do not come from any kind of an engineering background but I want to add whatever unique perspectives I may have with all of you.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am just trying to get my first quad rotor off the ground safely and with as little excitement as possible.



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James Barry replied to ben's discussion throttle control. in ArduRover User Group
"This is unrelated and I am new to the forums....Ive got a rover thats actually an offroad dune-buggy type car.  How do I set up the APM to allow me to have forward and reverse (Im using a Turnigy 9x tx.) and the stock rc car ESC that came with the…"
Nov 5, 2014
James Barry replied to Ben Boughton's discussion Sabertooth 2x60 setup & configuration in ArduRover User Group
"Greetings!  I have set up a rover with a similar configuration to yours using the APM and a 2x60 sabertooth and am having trouble with dithering both when in steering mode and auto (manual is awesome…we are using mixed mode like you..  We adjusted…"
May 5, 2014
James Barry replied to Addy's discussion PID parameters for model "Rascal110"
"Can someone please direct me to a place where I can look up what the purpose of all of these values are?  I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place I am new to forums in general.  Any help provided will be very helpful.  I am using  an x…"
Feb 18, 2014