throttle control.

Ive tried lowering throttle curve....ive tried adjusting parameters...but nothing seems tonslow down my lil turnigy car.just a lil movement of my stick and she flys....maybe its just the actual car being light and fast motor but it would be nice to use inside aswel :p.the throttle does work but from fast to insane maybe its just the car.

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  • In that case, since your transmitter is that sophisticated, may I suggest using an expo for manual control? Its set on your radio. What it does is models your throttle curve after an exponential meaning that if you give it a little stick displacement , it will do next to nothing but throttle will pick up very fast the more you displace the stick. Heres a tutorial.

  • This is unrelated and I am new to the forums....Ive got a rover thats actually an offroad dune-buggy type car.  How do I set up the APM to allow me to have forward and reverse (Im using a Turnigy 9x tx.) and the stock rc car ESC that came with the vehicle. do I set a throttle curve?  

  • And im using a power module to power everything. My battery is big...3300mah...3s1p.... but shdnt matter with the module to convert it down.
  • My transmitter is turnigy 9x
  • And long time no see thomas how have u been?
  • Before i put the ardupilot on i tested the car out and it flew i thought with the arupilot i cd control the speed. But nothing
  • Apm channel is normal...1 and 3...i got the mode 1 transmitter ...left stick is throttle center stick right stick isnt free moving u can move and it stays .
  • I havnt tried auto...only manual. Iv edited the pitch curv to enable the 3 mode switchon turnigy.iv edit the curve on both but stil nothing...the speed does ramp up a bit. But really quick.dead band nt sure bout that....calibrated esc to transmitter ? Nt sure wat thT is...the esc is is from car turnigy 1/10th from hobby king...
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    Are you having this throttle problem in the Manual Mode or the Auto Mode.

    Also, which APM output channel do you have your ESC hooked to?

    Are you using the elevator joystick as the throttle input to the APM or what?

    You might setup an exponential curve on your throttle channel on your transmitter.

    What kind of dead band have you setup for the throttle channel?

    Have you calibrated your transmitter throttle channel to the ESC?


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