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I hope to be a member of the diy drones community. I am an A levels student with the intent on doing engineering . Currently i am fascinated with drones and hope to use the site as a portal to discuss my interests and musings and moreover get insight into other peoples work

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have bought an apm. Am ready to start using the apm and my ublox in drone projects like a hovercraft apm rover and a 3 ch apm plane



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Angelo NG replied to Tõnis's discussion Motors turn at uneven rate, APM, ESC or ...? in ArduCopter User Group
"I think for that I would have to know the circumstances of the crash? But pid settings are for sensitivity and as such dont deal with delay or something. I think for pwm output check the calibration of the gyros and calibration of the reciever?"
Nov 18, 2014
Angelo NG replied to Tõnis's discussion Motors turn at uneven rate, APM, ESC or ...? in ArduCopter User Group
"Could it just be the motors ? Damage to the bearings would create more kinetic friction in some. This would create less rpm per current input? The effect described would be more apparent at higher speeds due to power laws. P=fv. Other than that…"
Nov 18, 2014
Angelo NG replied to ben's discussion throttle control. in ArduRover User Group
"In that case, since your transmitter is that sophisticated, may I suggest using an expo for manual control? Its set on your radio. What it does is models your throttle curve after an exponential meaning that if you give it a little stick…"
Nov 6, 2014
Angelo NG replied to Apostolos's discussion How can I power the R/C receiver ??? in ArduRover User Group
Use one of these and connect it the same way You would a servo or something to any channel EXCEPT THE PORT WHERE YOU PUT THE BIND PLUG. You should be fine. LiFe batteries are…"
Nov 5, 2014
Angelo NG replied to Olivier ADLER's discussion Bicopter support
"Why not just use an FCU that will auto stabilize it , the FCU doesa all the mixing for you."
Nov 13, 2013
Angelo NG replied to jonathan taylor's discussion DOES ANYBODY USE THE KKMULTICOPTER BOARD??
"Does anyone have kk 2 stability issues?"
Nov 13, 2013