How can I power the R/C receiver ???

Hi Guys

Sorry for the dumb R/C question but I'm a newcomer when it comes to this R/C stuff.

I'm trying to make a 4WD rover using APM2.6.

I have an eight channel receiver but I can figure out how to give power to the receiver.

The receiver can accept from 3V-10V.

Assuming I have a 5V power source, where do I connect it on the receiver ?

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    Look here for powering the APM: Link

    You can power your receiver from the APM receiver input power rails which will provide +5vdc to the receiver: Link



    • I really do not want to power the receiver through the APM since I will have 2 servos on it used for pan/tilt.

      Can I simply connect the + and - of my 5V power source one of the servo channel + & -  on the receiver thus powering it ?

      of course the apm and the receiver will have a common ground.


      Use one of these and connect it the same way You would a servo or something to any channel EXCEPT THE PORT WHERE YOU PUT THE BIND PLUG. You should be fine. LiFe batteries are also good for powering servos. 

    • Thank you for you reply. I just tried it and it work great.

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