Several sensors (Sonars) via I2C


I am new in this arduino and ardurover world. I'm starting to analyses its full functionality etc..

My question is if we want to insert several proximity sensors (Sonar) to detect obstacles.

For this functionality specific library the Wire.h exists. However, when I insert the library Wire.h in the ardurover sketch there are some conflicts. There are some functions in the ardurover sketch that implements the I2C for varios sensors? Or is necessary create a new one?

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    Hi faria,

    I am presently using three Parallax PING sensors on my ArduRover, however they are not controlled by the APM 1. I am committed to using subsumption on my rover and therefore have split obstacle avoidance from the navigation function. I have an Arduino Uno that performs obstacle avoidance while taking navigation input from the APM 1. The Arduino Uno uses the three PINGS and two IR sensors to perform obstacle avoidance. When there are no obstacles in the path of the rover, the Uno takes navigation input from the APM 1 in order to travel to the next way point stored in the APM 1.

    I have not looked at the APM 1 code as far as the sonar sensor is concerned, so I do not have an answer for your specific question. Maybe one of the other members can help out here?



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