Standard Parameters

Where do the default standard parameters get loaded to APM?  I reloaded ArduRover 2.20 but the parameters did not change.  I can change params manually but when do they get loaded initially, for the default settings?

Also, when I set Max Throttle in params to very low, throttle still seems to go to full when I switch to Auto.  Shouldn't it only go as high as I have the Max set to?


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  • Hello, I cannot answer the first question and I had asked about Max Throttle in the Discussion forum.  This is the answer I received;


    Comment by u4eake on August 10, 2012 at 3:57am There are 2 parameters that influence this, cause I found that the rover doesn't really obey the set speedlimit.
    But it obeys Throlle_slew_limit (I use =2) which limits how fast your throttle changes, so it takes of gently instead of immediately full throttle and Throttle_max ( I use 65, which equals 15% cause 50% is no throttle and below 50% is braking/reverse)
    You can change them with mission planner (parameter list)
    Let me know how it goes !!
    This corrected the problems I was having.

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