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  • I think the issue here is just plain ignorance.

    These people have never seen a "toy" aircraft with a 2 metre + wingspan before!

    I was cutting out ribs for another two wings for a total span of 4 metres and suggestion it would be better as a biplane and would be "too big to be practical" was funny/annoying.

    I tried explaining aspect ratio, sideways flow of air along a wing, tip vortex drag and was met with blank stares...



  • Model aircraft rules apply so long as you are using it for 'sport and recreation' - it is nothing to do with the actual weight of the aircraft.  

    If operating at an MAAA field under MAAA rules, aircraft over 7kg need a heavy model inspection certificate.  Over 25kg is a 'giant model'.  

  • Thats what I thought.

    Basically common sense and good building practices.

    Seriously, if most model flyers had seen what, where and how the ArParrot was being flown they would have been horrified.

    I know I was.

    These are the <expletive> guys giving me safety advice.


  • Andrew:

    At this point in time, an Operators Licence is only required for commercial operations. Otherwise, it's covered under the model aircraft regulations.

    The model aircraft regulations require inspections by certified personnel for models above 11kg (not sure of the exact weight).

    It should be noted that any drone operator (commercial or not) is still open to being sued if they damage any people/property during their flight.

  • Hi!

    I was discussing my UAV on the local HackerSpace facebook page and got asked,

    "Do I have a drone operators license?"

    This is the doc I got sent

    How much of this applies to what we are doing?

    My understanding was if the AUW was under 11kg it was still considered a model aircraft.

    What really pisses me is one of these guys was flying an ARParrot, indoors, within centimetres of small children and I'm getting concerns about safety!!!

  • Moderator

    Hey guys, and welcome to the new comers.  I'm in Melbourne for work, but from Adelaide/Brisbane and go to both places often [my drone travels to Adelaide with me when I go].  Would be keen to catch up with anyone if they're around.

  • Developer

    Hi all,

    I am from Adelaide SA. Up near Tea Tree Plaza.

  • Hi from Bondi Junction. Im looking forward to finding some other Arducopter flyers in the area.

  • UAV newbie, just "landed" here :-)
  • Sounds great, David.  Are you a member of the Brisbane Hackerspace as well?  I'm working on a slightly unusual tailsitter quad/rigid-wing hybrid.

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Splash drone modification

Hi I'm new here from Melbourne, I bought a splash drone fishing drone. It was ok never flew quite as nice as my old phantom 3 ever did. Anyway it run out of battery 350m out to sea and took a load of water and everything is toasted. It does turn on but won't arm. Im thinking of gutting it but motors and the drop mechanism and putting a custom drone internals Now I literally have no idea where to begin with this. All I need is 500m range and GPS return to home and a trigger for drop mech . I…

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E384 Mapping / Surveying Drone kit - never used

This is an unused like new equipment. I have recently changed my career path and unfortunately this project never took off the ground. The kit includes: • Never used E384 fixed wing drone kit (some details could be found here: • NDVI Camera – NGB Converted Canon S110 Camera (can also sell additional Cannon S110 with      regular lens) • Costume build galvanized steel heavy duty carrier case • PVC stand Selling for…

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Hi guys,I've been into drones for a few years as a hobby, and recently got a Mavic Pro.  I've posted a few pics & videos on my facebook & instagram, and I've been really surprised by the number of friends who've asked me to do work for their businesses.I work full time so droning is still a hobby, but I learn more everyday, and I reckon there have to be hundreds of others out there like me who'd like to make a bit of money on the side.So I've set up - it works like…

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