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  • Hotwire, you're misinformed. Read the link below. Section 5, Schedule 1, Article 52.

    If you can let me know who you spoke to at Telstra that misinformed you, then I can ensure they are advised of their error.

  • Good, I have one in the garage. You can have it. I had this discussion 2 years ago and the answer hasn't changed. Yes there are licenses required if transmitting over set power specs. But it has to be a band you can legally use license or not. 915MHz belongs to Telstra. So call them and ask. I know the answer!

  • @Dani get the 913Mhz. You won't be disappointed.Happy flying!

  • You need a licence to transmit on any frequency at any power in Australia. Be it you garage door opener or you home wifi network.

    If you are transmitting at frequency below the maximum power level described in the ACMA Radiocommunications (Low Interference Potential Devices) Class Licence then that is the license you have. Free, no paper or little plastic card required.

    I've been using and personal prefer the 913mhz because the range you can legally get from 913mhz@1000mW far exceed that of 433mhz&25mW
  • It seems difficult to obtain clear guidance here. It appears that 433 Mhz requires a licence unless it is somehow used at a lower power. 

    But 915 MHz does not require a license. I'm a total beginner in this field so I can't really twiddle with this and that. It will be challenging enough for me to learn on the Iris+ without also worrying about the frequencies. 

    Am I right that I'm best to go with the 915 Mhz? I 

  • Wow that's quite impressive! Can't wait to get a set, I feel like having the extra range would be good for peace of mind that I have a solid connection. Also looking into using something like this to be able to receive live telemetry data as well as GPS tracking from a high altitude balloon.
  • At 3:49am on March 13, 2015, Warren Eather said…

    The RFD900 are awesome. Here are some pics of our range testing for the 2014 Outback Challenge. One reciever was on top of a car which drove to 13.5km away. Notice how much S/N was left to burn.

    The output was reduced to 24dbm with an 6dbi antenna. so EIRP 30dbm (1W)

  • You wont look back. I got my original 900 on preorder when they were first released. they are really good. the dual antennas works well. Ive got the small onmi antenna (2db I think) and the other hooked up to the 6db yagi on a tracker with a 5.8 yagi for video.
  • I think 433 is slightly more susceptible to interference than higher frequencies? I guess it's much of a muchness, I'm only interested in the technicalities as the RFD900+ system is next on my Wishlist :)
  • Yeah they are pretty much the same. We run both at the same time and 915 is always a bit better but that could be environmental and setup factors.
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