Sydney, NSW

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I've done several hours on a little ARQ to get stick-time. I want to take nice stills and video, especially using Follow-Me then likely some FPV.



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Tim replied to jyotirmaya patra's discussion problem with gyro after auto trim in PIXHAWK
"Calibrate your accelerometer."
Apr 16, 2015
Tim replied to Jim Anslow's discussion Checking Iris+Motor Performance in IRIS
"This sounds like an accelerometer issue.
The accelerometer is what determines what is "level" - so if it was calibrated incorrectly then you will get the behaviour you describe.
Do an accelerometer calibration - very easy and quick to do - then…"
Apr 15, 2015
Tim left a comment on Australia
"At the risk of sounding smug, that ACMA document is precisely the one I linked to previously...

Warren, your EIRP point is a very pertinent one. However for the 3DR radios at least, they max out at 20 dBm which is far below the 30 dBm threshold…"
Mar 16, 2015
Tim left a comment on Australia
"That's a very pretty way of proving my point. Thank you."
Mar 15, 2015
Tim left a comment on Australia

Yes - 915 is the best solution for Australia."
Mar 14, 2015
Tim left a comment on Australia
"Hotwire, you're misinformed. Read the link below. Section 5, Schedule 1, Article 52.

If you can let me know who you spoke to at Telstra that misinformed you, then I can ensure they are advised of their error.…"
Mar 14, 2015
Tim replied to Paul N Braida M.E's discussion Danger! in ArduCopter User Group
"I'm afraid you're the danger here and not following any correct procedure I've ever read for any RC device.

You should ALWAYS disable the copter power, either via (dis)arming button or more certainly by disconnecting the battery BEFORE turning off…"
Mar 7, 2015
Tim replied to Thor Thor's discussion Geofence for learning how to fly IRIS in IRIS
"Why wouldn't you adjust the existing geofence?

It doesn't allow for loiter at present, but could be worked around.

Or only let them use the right stick in loiter mode ;-)"
Dec 7, 2014
Tim replied to Ed H's discussion IRIS+ flew off while in loiter - logs linked in IRIS
"^^^ THIS is what reassures me about buying from 3DR ^^^"
Nov 11, 2014