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    Guys, I was thinking that it would be good to get out and have a DIYDrones Brisbane get together.  These were popular down south in Melbourne and as a recent mover up to Brisbane, I would like to continue hosting the meets.

    Is anyone interested in catching up?  If so, head over to the Brisbane group to continue the chat (and sorry for the repost).

  • Why no use it, even if you stack it? You just may change your mind

  • Wow dreams can come true, I have always been interested in robotics and would love to get involved in uav's but like everything way out of my league. I can only put my hand up and see what happens thanks James and great gift to the forum 

  • Hey folks!

    So this year I decided to get into UAV's, and went and bought myself a second hand X8. But six months on, and I haven't used it. 

    Thing is, I've also tried selling it, but after a few interested punters, I wasn't able to clinch the deal.

    So here's my proposal - 

    If anyone here, or someone you know, would like my X8, free of charge, I'm willing to part with it. Preferably for someone who can't afford a new one.

    It's hardly been used - original owner only flew it a few times, so it's still in its box, and comes with a tonne of extra controllers and so forth. 

    So please hit me up. It's a great machine, looking for a home!

  • Just want to let people know that as of today, the Solo is now available for preorder in Australia from here
  • Are there any multirotor racing groups in Sydney or NSW??

    If so does anyone have any contacts?


  • I just wanted to know if anyone has info about the idrone device from fighting walrus. Will the 915Mhz work on a RFD900 or will I be waiting again for another version for RFD900.
  • Hi Fred, I think the USB radio uses the FT232R chip

    So if you unsolder pins 1 and 5 on the chip you can connect wires to the pads on the PCB and solder these wires to the TX and RX pins of APM.

    So, yes techincally possible, but not something many would attempt. I run the RFD900 modules, so I can't check one physically. Maybe there is a breakout connection somewhere more convenient on the board?

    FT232RL datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits FT232R USB UART IC
    FT232RL datasheet,FT232RL Pinout Pin out,FT232RL application circuits can be download from datasheetdir
  • Hi all need little help as always only on  weekend getting ready go out sunday

    my Telemetry air side has died on spares can i convert usb module to air radio ?

  • Yep, Tim it's exactly the same document. Smug rights are all yours.
    And your right again. You would need an antenna of a gain greater than 10db to get yourself in trouble with the 3DR 915 at maximum output. That's another reason to get the 915 over the 433.
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Splash drone modification

Hi I'm new here from Melbourne, I bought a splash drone fishing drone. It was ok never flew quite as nice as my old phantom 3 ever did. Anyway it run out of battery 350m out to sea and took a load of water and everything is toasted. It does turn on but won't arm. Im thinking of gutting it but motors and the drop mechanism and putting a custom drone internals Now I literally have no idea where to begin with this. All I need is 500m range and GPS return to home and a trigger for drop mech . I…

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E384 Mapping / Surveying Drone kit - never used

This is an unused like new equipment. I have recently changed my career path and unfortunately this project never took off the ground. The kit includes: • Never used E384 fixed wing drone kit (some details could be found here: • NDVI Camera – NGB Converted Canon S110 Camera (can also sell additional Cannon S110 with      regular lens) • Costume build galvanized steel heavy duty carrier case • PVC stand Selling for…

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Hi guys,I've been into drones for a few years as a hobby, and recently got a Mavic Pro.  I've posted a few pics & videos on my facebook & instagram, and I've been really surprised by the number of friends who've asked me to do work for their businesses.I work full time so droning is still a hobby, but I learn more everyday, and I reckon there have to be hundreds of others out there like me who'd like to make a bit of money on the side.So I've set up - it works like…

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