BBBmini Rev. 1.6 wish list


this is the next BBBmini Rev. 1.6 wish list. After discussion I will sort the requests into YES, MAYBE, NO.


  • Add second IMU
  • Add I2C bus pull up resistors
  • Add WS2812 LED support
  • Remove HC-SR04 support (results are not as expected)
  • Add Buzzer support
  • Add Power button header
  • Add Level shifter / remove resistor voltage divider


  • Switch to 1206 SMD parts, because there is not enough space left on the PCB


  • rfm23bp support (HF and no driver yet)
  • Reduce PWM channels
  • IMU heating
  • Remove CAN bus support
  • Change PCB outline for BeagleBone Green Wireless



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  • Super :-)

    I'll get both the LED & Buzzer installed on my new build. Thanks !!

  • Hi Patrick,

    I create a topic about led support, I sent the PR yesterday - I just need to fix some git comments but is working :) I will post a video.

  • Cool!!
    Thanks for your efforts on upgrading the BBBMini Vinicius :-)
  • Hi Patrick

    I'm working on led status, I will test today and post the results.

    About shutdown pin, on beaglebone you dont need all this effort, you just need the pin9 be attached to a push button connected to ground. When you push the button, the beaglebone will start soft shutdown. 

  • Some other cool add-ons:

    -  I know that the WS2812 will be implemented  but it might be interesting to add a STATUS LEDs so you Know  (and not Guess) when its ARMED ....

    - Clean Shutdown Button (ITaken from WifiBroadcast - This is why it is referring to a RPI ):

    A simple way to do so is to connect a pushbutton with one leg to the raspberry GPIO pin header #22 (which is gpio no. 25) and the other leg to 3.3V and also a resistor > 1k between the GPIO and GND. Then you can install the following scripts from the repository: cd #go into home directory cd wifibroadcast_fpv_scripts sudo cp init.d/shutdown /etc/init.d sudo update-rc.d shutdown start. Now a button press for at least a second should bring the system to halt and you can safely remove the power.

  • Developer

    I like the low profile connectors :)

    How about adding a imu heater ?



  • Some additional mods

    A) Lowering the modules = Changing connector type can help getting a lower profile (5mm).


    Please note that these are the 4 ports unidirectionnal level shifter  ( less than 1$ at ALIEXPRESS) that could be used as PWM drivers. 

    B) Optimization of the rear end connection

    Reduce the number of PWM channels to 1- 6 and move on connector 7-12 these IO:





    I2C (3rd) 

    C) CANBUS == Please ask if ANYONE is using it 

    You could easily use this space for the bidirectionnal  level shifter == Adafruit TXB0108


  • what about the rfm23bp support ? we are ready to make the driver for it

  • Hi all,

    the ESP I think is an interest ideia - just the 3.3 volts and current I having trouble on in.

    I'm working in a simple 3 leds as apm 2.X has ( power, status and GPS state) - in case of someone doesn't have WS2812.

    Another issue is maybe some arrangement on the board to be more easy do put BBBMini in a case - there is no roles on the board and it is not possible to use a screw fixing a top case  to beaglebone roles and a bottom case.

    BTW, I create a simple support for the secundary IMU, were I can publish this ?


  • Pi pinout? ;-)

    I would really like to see a compact Pi Zero derivative using these:

    and this:

    Dunno how many people would be interested, but the Pi Zero is more readily available now at least. Ideally a $4 STM32 ARM board would be used for PWM instead maybe like this one:

    What that would be interesting for both Pi and Bone is a place to mount a HopeRF module (for telemetry) or a ESP 8266, or even better the new ESP32. In fact the new ESP32 could potentially replace the ARM...and maybe even the BBB/PI and run ardupilot code directly on a $4 chip! ;-)

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