• Hi Vinicius,

      can not confirm. With GY-282 HMC5983 connected via I2C seems to run smooth.



    • Mike

      It means that when I'm on the ground I can use either wifi or attach an ethernet cable. If I want to go back to 3dr telemetry(e.g too much interference),  I only need to go via ethernet to change the relevant settings in the parameter list (baud rate). The other way would mean me having to go into putty, putting a # on the rc.local file and starting via udp manually. Whereas the way I have it set up at the moment I only need to plug in the cable. Longer term, once I've got it flying I may change my methodology, I'll see how I go.

    • Got it. Makes sense Jon.

    • Hi,

      I follow Jon, in field I just use my cellphone as GS and sometimes is better using wifi, sometimes 3dr, and that is why ask about the command line parameters, on 3.4 I can't put this scenario working anymore.

    • Maybe this diagram can help, it is from ArduPilot Software In The Loop - SITL.

      It shows that the serial 1 is dedicated to console and serial 3 is dedicated to telemetry.


    • That seems more confusing! ;)

      It looks like the primary IP connection would normally be TCP on 5760 and that the udp 14450 connection was designed to forward packets to like an antenna tracker, which does not need to communicate back?

      So why wouldn’t I want to use TCP on 5760 to my Mission Planner ground station?

    • Hi,

      -A = console output + MAVLink

      -C = MAVLink

      It is possible to use sudo ./ArduCopter.elf -A udp: ( is the gcs). With this command you will NOT see the console output + MAVLink in your terminal:

      Init APM:Copter V3.4-dev (7fda3ba1)
      Free RAM: 262144
      FW Ver: 120

      load_all took 31us
      0 0 0 DataFlash_File: buffer size=16384

      It is because console and MAVLink is send to port 14550. ArduCopter does not hang here, there is only no output to console because is it send via udp.

      If you use sudo ./ArduCopter.elf -C udp: ( is the gcs) then you can still see console + MAVLink output on your terminal, and there is a MAVLink connection via upd to port 14550 (-C parameter).

      Instead of udp you can use /dev/tty?? to send MAVLink via serial port.



    • Hi Patrick

      this are related to serial ports(uarts). On the previous version, with option -A was IP address of groundstation and according last Mirko update has changed to -C, on previous version -C is uart related to telemetry as follow

      To connect a MAVLink groundstation add `-A udp:`
      To use MAVLink via radio connected to UART4 add `-C /dev/ttyO4`.
      If there is a GPS connected to UART5 add `-B /dev/ttyO5`.


    • Yeah ,

      Actually on the HAL, this can be UDP, TCP or /dev/ttyxx devices. 

      Could be interesting to check if GPS could be fed through a UDP stream.... But I doubt it,  the GPS routine seems to be  quite ''serialised''....

  • Hi Mirko,

    I have seen a difference in what happens to MISSION PLANNER display on GPS status between the output of a PIX-HAWK and the BBBmini.  Normally the GPS status shows a GPS module is present on connection to MISSION PLANNER.

    With connection of the MISSION PLANNER by the BBBmini it states NO GPS PRESENT some time later when the GPS has locked on to the satellites The status then shows GPS 3D FIX.

    Regards David

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