• I have looked everywhere for proper documentation on the command line parameters of ArduCopter.elf. I can't find it documented anywhere. So here is what I have found in bits and pieces.

    So far it looks like command line parameters are:

    -A =?

    -B =GPS

    -C = Telemetry?

    -e = ESC?

    -l = logging location


    -t = terrain





    MIrko's instructions for  the BBBmini

    sudo ardupilot/ArduCopter/ArduCopter.elf


    sudo ardupilot/ArduPlane/ArduPlane.elf


    sudo ardupilot/APMrover2/APMrover2.elf

    To connect a MAVLink groundstation add -C udp:

    To use MAVLink via radio connected to UART4 add -C /dev/ttyO4.

    If there is a GPS connected to UART5 add -B /dev/ttyO5.

    Example: MAVLink groundstation with IP on port 14550 and GPS connected to /dev/ttyO5 UART5.

    sudo ardupilot/ArduCopter/ArduCopter.elf -C udp: -B /dev/ttyO5

    Example: MAVLink groundstation via radio connected to UART4 and GPS connected to /dev/ttyO5 UART5.

    sudo ardupilot/ArduCopter/ArduCopter.elf -B /dev/ttyO5 -C /dev/ttyO4



    arducopter -A udp: -B /dev/ttyPA1 -C udp: -l /data/ftp/internal_000/APM/logs -t /data/ftp/internal_000/APM/terrain



    To start ArduPilot just run the .elf file as root on the flight board. You can control UART output with command line options. A typical startup command would be:

    /root/ArduCopter.elf -A udp: -e /dev/tty-3 -B qflight:/dev/tty-2 --dsm /dev/tty-4 

    That will start ArduPilot with telemetry over UDP on port 14550, GPS on tty-2 on the DSPs, Skektrum satellite RC input on tty-4 and ESC output on tty-3.

    By default ArduPilot will send telemetry on UDP 14550 to the local WiFi network. Just open your favourite MAVLink compatible GCS and connect with UDP.

    • Hello Mike,

      Take a look at this

      Its the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) Header file

      HAL(AP_HAL::UARTDriver* _uartA, // console
      AP_HAL::UARTDriver* _uartB, // 1st GPS
      AP_HAL::UARTDriver* _uartC, // telem1
      AP_HAL::UARTDriver* _uartD, // telem2
      AP_HAL::UARTDriver* _uartE, // 2nd GPS

      Hope it shed light :-)

    • Yes, adds to the solution of the puzzle. I wanted to look for that but just don't know my way around the code. I notice that the rest of the options like setting --home or frame type are not in that file.

      So what is the difference between -A -C -D?

      I can control the BBBmini using -C from Mission Planner. I notice that in the Bebop notes they are using both -A and -C udp. Jon notes he uses -A only. Mirko uses -C only.

      Could there be definitions in the HAL that are universal and additonal definitions that are implementation dependent?

      Still foggy but hopefully we will solve the puzzle.

    • Mike

      What I have actually got in my rc.local file is as follows:

      /home/debian/ardupilot/ArduCopter/ArduCopter.elf -C /dev/ttyO4 -B /dev/ttyO5 -A udp:

    • Jon,

      So it looks like you are using a serial telemetry device and console on udp. But why would you want to do that? You get mavlink data over the udp link so why would you have both?

      My post above has a note on the Bebop page where they are using -A and -C both via udp with different ports. I don't understand why.


      Not sure if I follow. You note the -A gives both console plus Mavlink data but you say

      it doesn't work? Ah "console" means output on the local BBB ssh terminal, correct?

      So when you say:

      "If you use sudo ./ArduCopter.elf -C udp: ( is the gcs) then you can still see console + MAVLink output on your terminal, and there is a MAVLink connection via upd to port 14550 (-C parameter)."

      You mean both -A udp and -C udp one to console IP of BBBmini and one to GCS IP?

      I am interested in 5ghz wifi only operation. So I will not have a serial telemetry device. I want to have one transceiver for RC Control, telemetry and video using the 5ghz wifi band. (higher bandwidth). My camera is 2.4ghz wifi ( so I will use a 2.4ghz to 5ghz(higher power) bridge on the BBBmini to get the video down to the GCS where I will have another bridge to return 5ghz to 2.4ghz for the application that talks to the camera. I'll use an antenna tracker with high gain antenna for the 5ghz band.

      So I don't need console output just GCS.

      Last question Mirko, is it normal to not get console display when having only -C udp to gcs?

      I get console display with bad arguments upon start-up (when experimenting) but I also get console sometimes when using only -C udp to gcs.

    • Hi Mike,

      if you are not using -A you will get console and MAVLink to your ssh terminal. With -A the console and MAVLink will be redirected to what is behind the -A.

      It is not normal that you get no console output to your ssh terminal when you are using only -C. 



    • Hi Mirko,

      I have used the latest Software build instructions to build code for my Quad and it is operational.

      I would like to build code for my HEXA. The previous instructions on how to do this don't

      work with this updated version of software.  Please let me know what is required?

      Regards David

    • Hi David,

      you can not build Arducopter for Hexaframe with waf until now. So please use make bbbmini-hexa in the ArduCopter directory.



    • Hi,

      I was testing and I figure out something.

      My telemetry, the problem is arducopter slow and throwing timeout exceptions.

      There are difference running arducopter on a SD card X eMMC?

      For instance

      root@beaglebone:~/ardupilot/build/bbbmini/bin# ./arducopter -C udp: -B /dev/ttyO5

      Init APM:Copter V3.4-dev

      Free RAM: 262144
      FW Ver: 120

      load_all took 129us
      0 0 0 DataFlash_File: buffer size=16384 (this line appear 2 minutes after previous one)
      Initialising APM-HMC5843: Could not detect version (this after 3 minutes after previous one
      Calibrating barometer - this appear 2 minutes after

      The load average of BBB is around 5 and the cpu are using governator policy.

    • an update.

      Have anyone using 2 compass with last release ? I was using just the MPU-9250 and all my problems was the HMC5843.

      After remove the compass, was everything - software - working ok - no delays, no timeouts.

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