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BBBMINI Rev. 1.5

Just want to introduce the new BBBMINI Rev 1.5, it will be available in February 2016.

Features are: 

  • Fix issue with HC-SR04 voltage divider
  • Add second I2C connector
  • Voltage and current sensing support via power-module
  • Add resistor values to bottom silk s

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Rev 1.4 hardware issue

There is an issue with the Rev 1.4 boards. Input and output of the HC-SR04 voltage divider are swapped.

Rev 1.4 wrong:




This issue will be fixed with Rev 1.5. Please make sure to connect the HC-SR04 the right way.


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The display driver is now in master and enabled for BBBMINI by default. If you want to use a display with your BBBMINI just buy a SSD1306 128 x 64 OLED display (about 6$). The display should have four pins GND, VCC, SDA, SCL.

Connect the display to th

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Lidar Lite on BBBMini

Has anyone tried using Lidar Lite with the BBBMini? I know some of the early Lidar Lite units had I2C issues and the recommendation was to use PWM, but can the later units be used (via I2C) or is there still no support? Also, would it be possible to

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3DR radio telemetry

Hi all,

I'm trying too add Telemetry to my BBBMINI. 

Radios are both connected. 

From Planner, I can see both, Local and Remote (FW ver. SIK 1.9 on HM-TRP) but then, no communication with Arducopter. (Of course i added -C /dev/ttyO4).

Any clue? Should i

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