This is Robert Eaton, president of NuvAero Flight Systems of Calgary. For almost 3 years we have been operating multirotors and fixed wing UAV for O&G in Alberta.

We are currently involved with a proposal that I cannot disclose as it's protected by a NDA. It's an interesting one, the clients are some of the world's largest Oil & Gas companies who own offshore assets. Other partners are a couple departments at the U of C and a specialist engineering firm.

Our broad proposal has sparked interest and now we are working on Phase 1 - proving the concept small scale. We intend to go into trials in December.

Our problem is that we currently don't have a valid Fixed Wing SFOC covering the airframes we are using! TC in the prairies is swamped, about 4 months minimum for our new permit...

Does anybody out there have a Non Site Specific SFOC that was written broadly enough to cover a range of fixed wing aircraft? We likely will be using X8 wings as well as a Talon 1720. 

If anyone is interested please contact me!


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  • How did this turn out anyway?


  • Hello Robert,

    Yes I am in Calgary, and have been in Remote Sensing 15yrs .. And we are looking at RPV for quite some time. We also have a project that is along your same line.

    403-606-0412 cell ..


    David Stonehouse

  • Interested... Tried to message you, but it seems we need to be "friends" first.

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