Compatible Hardware

To enable a SBC connectivity there needs to be a known list of compatible HW.


I look at getting an LTE dongle that works with my local network provider. If other have LTE dongles that the have sued successfully, please add a comment here so we can build a list of make/model and provider that is comatible.


I ahve a EDIMAX Wifi dongle see

Which works with the Raspberry Pi, but it doesn't have an external antenna. I have order the following

Ali-Express WiFi-N

AliExpress WiFi

They need to be tested for compatibility, but they should be better than the EDIMAX as they have external antennas

If you have experience of other adapters, feel free to post them to the discussion, Thx

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  • LTE dongle: DLink DWM152 3.5G 

    Works with Jetson TK1 (Grinch) - just plug in

    Does not work with Raspberrypi - not enough power from usb port (?)

    Cost: $5 used on ebay

    Wifi: Atheros AR5B225 WLAN Bluetooth 4.0 Mini PCIE WiFi Card

    Works with Jetson TK1 (Grinch) - plug & play

    Cost: $4 new on ebay (need to buy/make antenna)

    Wifi: Generic BCM43143 chipset USB mini adapter

    Works with Jetson TK1 (Grinch) - plug & play

    Works with Raspberrypi 2 - plug & play

    Cost: $2 new on ebay


    Ubiquiti SR71e mini pcie wifi board (400mw of power)

    Mikrotik R11e-2HnD mini pcie wifi board (800mw of power)

    Works with Jetson TK1 (Grinch)

    Does not work with Raspberrypi (needs SBC with mini pcie slot)

  • I am using  L-COM wlan-lcusb2458 it is a Ralink rt2800usb  chip that is fully Linux Wireless Compliant.

    It is a 802.11 ABGN type and works as well on Mesh & Monitor mode (for those wifibroadcast  experiments)


    It has RP-SMA connector so you can use any antenna combination you want.

    en:users:drivers [Linux Wireless]
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    I have had some trouble with WiFi dongles on the Odroid XU4 running lubuntu 14.04 LTS.  The EDIMAX dongle described above works fine on the Pi and Odroid, as well as this one: 

    CanaKit WiFi a/b/g/n

    This Dual Band Wifi Dongle also works well on the Pi 

    Tenda Dual Band 5ghz/2.4ghz

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      I ordered the one supplied from ODROID for $8 as well to test
    • Hi Bill Piedra and Bill Bonney,

      Do you think the wifi booster (i.e. this one) usually used for normal Tx and Phantom Tx can boost the range also with above wifi adapter mentioned ?

      (a part from legal aspect of course)


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      Funny, I was going to buy one of those.  In fact, it's already in my shopping cart at Helidirect!

      I have used this one before - it's very heavy and also power hungry.

      SUNHANS SH-2500 2500mW wireless signal repeater 34dBm WiFi booster

      I think a directional antenna would also significantly improve range.  I was thinking something like this could be printed on a 3D printer.

      Phantom 3 / Inspire 1 Range Extender


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      It can, it can boost any 2.4GHz signal. The issue of using it on the drone is that it would be close to other antenna on the system, which would be detrimental to those signals. Probably ground use only, and with more sensitive antenna.

      You need to be able to 'shout louder' and 'hear better' to increase range.

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