I am starting this group to discuss and consider the repercussions regulations may  have on future drone activity and what we as a community should be doing or if we should be making any effort to effect these changes. As we look maturely and responsibly at our future. This discussion is NOT intended to be a discussion about commercial drones but for hobby drones like the ones most of us build here at DIY Drones   

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  • Finally! I found a group for this!

    I will be reading up on this groups' posts, but in the mean time, I would suggest that the best tactic would be for maybe this group to come up with it's own set of standardsand ruules, and get as much of the drone community as possible to support them, to provide an already existant framework (If you have not already done so). This, among other obvious reasons, because bureaucrats are lazy, and might perfer to adopt an already existant framework of standards and rules. Otherwise Murphy's Law in the bureaucracy could make regulations based more on commercial aeronautics, or commercial delivery drones, that are adverse to the whole private/hobby drone sector.

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    I don't think people realize how far down the line the process is and how no other organisation will be listened to. The AUVSI represents commercial use and the AMA has moved to represent this group. RCAPA tried but failed as back in 2007 folks thought it was all fear mongering. Oh lets not forget an AV man heads ASTM F-38 the standards coming for commercial ops.


  • I contemplated starting the Civil Drone Flyers Association in order to try and give guidance in regards to regs etc and to try and push for the safe flight behaviour...not to take away from the fun but to show there are ways to have fun without compromising the safety of the general public.

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Regulations U.S.A.

Function - Hobby only. Fun and learningWeight/Size - 10 pounds all up max    Range - limited by max altitude. 400 feet. how can you fly and stay under 400 feet?Control Systems - whateverVehicle Types - fixed wing, rotary wing, multrotorPower System - whateverInsurance Requirements - none but good ideaRegistration/Identification - none this is a hobbyPilot Qualifications - common sense. yes hard to come by but we don't need more rulesAirframe Certification - none this is a hobby but here again…

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DIY Drone Regulation -- If you were 'The Man', what would you call legal?

-- Hobby Unmanned Aircraft Only --Here it is, your chance to be 'The Man' and make the rules. This is a blank sheet of paper.Spell them out clearly in regards to:Function - what you can and can not do with the vehicle, i.e. BAD - watch your neighbor sunbathe (yeah, I know he/she is hot), BAD -watch for the cops while your accomplice robs a store, GOOD - assist first responders in finding small children..Weight/Size - All up with payload, wingspan, etc (if I have to explain this..)Range - how…

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