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  • Great to hear Michael, thanks for the great screenshot.

  • Got my lightning version in last night and was able to connect it this morning to my IRIS+


  • 30 pin units are shipping to early beta testers, and lightning beta units will begin shipping in the next few weeks.  New orders should ship out in the November time fame barring any major issues in the beta test.

  • Hi guys, I can't wait for this to come out. Do you have any idea when the first batch of pre-orders might ship?

  • This is great guys, congratulations. I believe this opens up the door to a myriad of other uses and applications. For instance, it would be great to be able to control a camera's features, just like the CamRanger does. It would also be great for photogrammetry; being able to program intervals, waypoints, etc., in order to do GIS, 3D, orthomosaics and so on. I see a lot of great uses. I own an oktokopter and a DJI S800 and would love to have that functionality on them.

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