APM - Phantom Wing FX-61 Parameter Files

Thought it would be a good idea to have a place to share Phantom APM config files. Since my FX-61 just got finished and is now waiting for its maiden I can only share my config that I thought I would start with...

This config is for the stock motor with 3S Lipo and ezUHF receiver!

20140319 Phantom MP1.2.98 APM2.78b ezUHF.param

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    • If you have someone else throw it why don't you throttle up after the plane leaves his hands? Or your launch man needs to change his throwing style?

  • great work done friends in fine tuning the param file. it is lot of hard work by you. i am flying FX61 in manual mode and it is highly stable. the glide path and landings are fantastic. i have tried FBWA. it responded well. i had my RLL2SRV_IMAX and PTCH2SRVI_IMAX set to very low value of 500. They should have been 1500 by default. so the control in FBWA was very sluggish. now i have corrected these values so it should respond well in FBWA mode. after some flying in FBWA mode i will try the auto mode. can someone inform the TKOFF_THR_DELAY is effective in launching in 'manual' mode also or is it effective only when launched in 'Auto' mode. this param is very useful for launching FX61 by hand.

    • that param only works in auto takeoff, but it works very well.
      Never had prop strike issues when hand launching the phantom @ WOT

  • Thanks for the file, it helps a lot

  • Very good write up, and good detail and pointers, keep it coming!

  • Good idea.

    This is my .param file. Tuned @V2.78b
    I spent hours of tuning it to perfection, and I am very happy with the way it behaves.
    It keeps altitude in turns very well. (deviation of 1% at most, measured @100m AGL)
    it's very stable in windy conditions.
    No TECS overshoot or throttle hunting. I use an airspeed sensor (highly recommended)

    Weight of my phantom: 1.6 kgs (full APM and FPV kit installed)

    3S lipo 5000mah
    Motor: 910 Kv and 10x7 prop. Thrust at WOT around 1200 grams

    Elevon_output is set to 2. Configure your transmitter for normal elevator/aileron use. Do not reverse channels on your TX (yet)
    verify the movement of the elevons on the bench in manual AND FBWA! very important. if they move the wrong way you can try reversing channels on your TX

    Elevon throw should be around 15-16 mm (for only one direction of stick movement, if you give up+left  you should get more throw on your left wing and less on your right. That's the way elevon_output works and it helps A LOT in maintaining altitude in turns.)

    CoG should be right on top of the wing spar, not in front of it.
    Concider reinforcing the wings with laminate. It will annihilate any wing flutter you might encounter.


    Fly safe,  Pieter.

    FX-61 Phantom.param

    • hi

      how can i use your param on my fx61, how would i load it ? do i need to do it manually ?

      answered - ok figured it out CONFIG/TUNING -> FULL PARAMETER LIST -> LOAD

    • Adam, if you load the full parameter list from another person it also overwrites all your calibrations. That means you MUST go through the full initial process of calibrating everything again - including flightmodes.

      Once you get more familiar with the values in a config file and which ones are important its easier to use the COMPARE function and pick only the relevant values you need/want - for example the PIDs.

    • woow, very detailed! I am glad to see that with my bench config file for the maiden flight I am not that far off when I compare a few key values with yours. I just had a brief peek at it...

    • yes, you're not far off.
      But you have set mixing_gain to 0.5
      I wonder how much elevon throw you are getting. measure it up before maiden! it will save you a crash.

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