APM - Phantom Wing FX-61 Parameter Files

Thought it would be a good idea to have a place to share Phantom APM config files. Since my FX-61 just got finished and is now waiting for its maiden I can only share my config that I thought I would start with...

This config is for the stock motor with 3S Lipo and ezUHF receiver!

20140319 Phantom MP1.2.98 APM2.78b ezUHF.param

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  • Hey guys, I've read through this group and have tried all the suggestions for settings, but I'm still not getting much control (very little trows) in FBWA mode. Manual and Stab mode seem to work real nice. Would changing my control horns up make any difference? As of now I have my control rod in the top hole of servo and control horn. I was thinking of keeping it in the top of the servo, but bottom of the control horn.
  • i think that is a good idea. even with 15mm throw FX61 is very sluggish in FBWA mode. can u also tell what are your min/max  PWM values for aileron and elevator. you can chk this from mission planner in the radio calibration tab.

    • I use ezUHF and those RX are pretty dead on 1000-2000us - no extended range

  • Just wondering if everyone is using elevon throw around 15 mm and what level of mixing??

    After my first couple flights it feels kind of slow turning. I mean each by itself is fast enough. But together its like I can bank it but then I would need some additional throw for elevator to pull it around harder. So I was thinking to go down with the mixing from my current 0.8 to maybe 0.6 and increase the total throw mechanically on the horns??

    It would be then with 60% or 0.6 mixing that each alone gets again to 15 mm throw but have additional 40% for the other control left... assuming that would be mechanical possible - haven't looked at the hinges.

  • Just finished the maiden flight last night... with 15-20mph wind but thanks to Pieter's config and advise it flew very good right on the first launch. Besides this plane has a 1250kv motor with 10x5 aeronaut prop. Below the video with the config file that I uploaded earlier.

    I also tried the ACRO ATTITUDE LOCK launch on the wing since it worked great with my Bixler... works awesome here too!! I think that will be my new launch mode for my APM planes for now.

  • yes you are right, but when the winds are zero i cannot launch it with zero throttle. i need 5km/hr winds to launch it with zero throttle.

    • I am absolute wing newbie so I have no experience at all. Just seeing what others post and recommend. If the weather stays dry long enough tomorrow I will definitely try the Phantom!

      But since my new 1200kV motor arrived Friday I couldn't resist to put it in before I even flew the Phantom :)


    • Nice. I like your motor mount. I broke mine on landing after maiden, so I built a tilting mount. But it doesn't look as good as yours.

      If you don't mind me asking, why so much kV? it will drain your battery much faster and similar performance can be achieved by mounting a bigger prop on a lower kV motor.

    • I put some more pics to the other thread: http://www.diydrones.com/xn/detail/705844:Comment:1604007

      Why so much? only 300kV more :)))

      I was reading through RCG and there was a split opinion between 950/1000 or 1200kv so I like the more power and opted for 1250kV. Don't know if that was good but it sure has some kick to it now. The current draw with full throttle and 10x5 aeronaut CAM prop went from 20 to 35 amps. But at lower RPM the SunnySky 2814 looked to do real well on the watt-meter with extremely low current draw. If not - with my new mount I can change the motor easier to any other size now.

      Besides the wind here is annoying since weeks. Sunday I had to put my Phantom back in my car because I didn't want to do the first flight with 20-25mph wind.

      I did get to try the ACRO with "attitude lock" launch mode with my Bixler real quick... worked like a charm - just throw it and APM takes it up - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpYU5VPTiqc - didn't have to touch aileron or elevator during launch but my heavy Bixler was a little overwhelmed with that wind.

  • so that means i can launch it in auto mode and immediately after takeoff can switch back to manual mode. my launch man had his fingers hurt couple of times. TKOFF_THR_DELAY can help avoid this.

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