FX-61 and APM2.5

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I have the FX-61 Phantom in standard setup, but with a new motor. I am running it with the D3542/5, 1250 KV, from HK at 3S. This is fair enough, it goes straight up and has enough reserves.

Last week, I had a terrible crash while flying with the APM2.5, using FW2.74b. In about 10m height I switched to RTL but it went down with 70% throttle in a 45 degree angle. Luckily not too much damages.

When I checked the log files i realized, that the GPS was not working, but I don't see the reason why. can it be that the connection cable is broken? Does anybody of have any similar experience? Or can it be related to the FW2.74b?

Would be great to hear your opinions.






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  • 100KM

    Old post, but I thought I'd reply.  I had a similar experience on a Sky Walker - lost GPS fix and dove for the ground during RTL.  I can't say that I have any answers and I'm certainly no expert in reading tlogs, so I am still not certain what happened.  The tlog showed loss of GPS fix just before the dive and I had been having issues with sporadic GPS that seemed to be due to a poor connection.  I am not a fan of the tiny wires and connector.  I wish there was a version of APM with all standard servo type connectors.  I can live with a larger footprint, but I really do not like the tiny, fragile connectors.

  • Yes, it happened to me once. It is good to see that the FX-61 is very solid.

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