fx61, apm 2.5 and futaba 8fgs configuration.


i completed my build of the fx61 but i am having a problem with setting up my futaba 8fgs with my fx61.

could anyone who done this please offer advise on the correct process ?

so far i have set the model to "airplane" and "flying wing" with 2 ail and rudder "winglet" (there is no option for NO rudder only normal and winglet.

after that i set the channels

servo1 to ch1, servo2 to ch2 and esc to ch3.

i am flying mode2, my throttle is working but if someone could guide me on how to get the left and right and up and down to work will be great.

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  • ok i managed to solve this problem



  • something i have come across now which i cant seem to solve is the pitch and roll reversed issue.

    on the mission planner if i pitch or roll it shows correctly, but if i look on the plane it is reversed. anyone seen this problem before or know how to fix.

    on my futaba 8fgs i have it setup in model type as

    type airplane

    wing normal - 1 ail

    tail normal

    i have tried playing with the "elevon config" on the mission planner but it doesn't help fix the problem.

    i have also tried swopping the channels which makes it correct on the plane but on the apm mission planner its wrong. meaning i can do left and right correctly on the plane but on mission planner it displays the pitch as going up or down.

    any ideas on how to fix ?

  • so basically i determined it is not a 8fgs issue, if i connect directly to the futaba rx everything is working as it should.  it seems to be the apm which is causing the problem.

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