Problems with auto take off

Hi Guys,

I have got a fx-61 some days ago, and I am having problems with the settings for taking off in auto mode.  The plane doesn't keep its heading, always turn right and up, so it gets down inmediatly. Have you tried to take off in auto mode?, if yes which parameters do you use?, 

One thing I have noticed is that when I start in auto mode, after creating a mission with mission planner where the first command is takeoff,  the ailerons place in a wrong position, I mean, the left one down and the right up, and I think they should be both a bit up, is'n it?



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  • Hi Oscar,

    When you switch to auto, the APM immediately sets its heading that will be used during the take off. Before you set the mode to auto, point the aircraft in the direction you want the aircraft to go during the takeoff climb. After you switch to auto, keep the aircraft pointing in the same direction while you throw it. If you throw the aircraft in a direction different to the direction it was in when you switched to auto, the aircraft will turn during the takeoff.



  • I just got one of those launchers from hobby king, but I have yet to assemble it. Does anyone have thoughts or experiece with these?

    Also Im still wondering if I should run the stock motor and ESC with a 10x4.5 or if I should put in my 1400KV SK3 with my blue series 40 Amp ESC. My Plane has a very light coat of bed coating on it which Im sure added some weight to it...but honestly I used it so lightly that I think Ill be okay. I will say it took forever to dry....but in my bitcoin mining room it essential baked on and after 3 months of that Ill finally call it dry.

    I too am wondering about the best way to take of in auto pilot....When you arm it in manual, do you have to lift the throttle before switching to auto, or does auto overide that control as well?

  • I tried autotakeoff today but was unsuccessful.
    I set thr minACC and delay to 0.2 seconds, and by the time the motor span up the energy of my throw was lost, so it couldn't keep attitude of 30 degrees I set, and the plane "landed" itself with the prop cutting the grass.

    Tried it twice but I just ended up destroying my motor mount.

    I will try disabling the takeoff delay alltogether, so when I switch AUTO the motor will start before the throw. See what happens then.

    • 100KM

      "I will try disabling the takeoff delay alltogether, so when I switch AUTO the motor will start before the throw. See what happens then."

      Just be careful the plane does not spin up the prop when you do not intend.

    • yes off course. I've tried it this way and I was successful. Prop needs to be spinning before the throw or else hand launch autotakeoff fails and the Phantom becomes a lawnmower.
      This is how I launch:

      1: Arm in manual

      2: Get plane in throwing position above head
      3: Switch to AUTO and prop spins up
      4: Throw it and it flies!! :)

    • 100KM

      Thanks for the update. So your auto takeoff launches are successful now? No more rolling right?

  • Oscar did you came right? I had many successful auto takeoffs with my fx-61. Do your wing fly in a strait line when on manual mode? Meaning Is your wing trimmed correct?

    When you initialized your wing does it react correctly when you are in stabilize mode and move the wing left/right and up/down? Your description sounds to me that the wing did not initialize correctly. Did you do the calibrating of your gyros on setup?

    Hope this can help you or at least point you in some direction.

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