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Still working on a tray to mount all of the electronics on. What is not pictured is is 2 voltage monitors for the lipos, and the other battery. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears. Hopefully the electronics on the top that close to each other won't cause any excessive noise or stuff.

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    • Is your AUW still 1.8kg? Just curios as mine is getting pretty heavy as it is right now on the stock setup.

    • Matt

      Yes with SX230 Camera and 1x5000mah battery or 2x2200 bateries.

    • Sweet. That gives me hope for a maiden! Very nice photos above and the in air shots as well!

    • Hello,

      I have just added a Phantom to my APM planes. Im about to start the build and will update my setup here.

      Im also thinking of adding a mapping camera later to my Phantom. I would be really nice if you are willing to share your ideas on how to mount your Canon SX230 camera!



    • I would love to see how the SX230 looks installed. The I have the SX160 installed right now and it looks pretty neat!

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    • Calle,

       I have drilled a hole in the bottom of the plane for the lens to open. I placed the camera at the back, between the batteries in the from and the motor at the back. I my photos you will see I have black foam at the back. This is where my SX230 is sitting tight with velcro.

      My script shut down the camera as soon as it reached max photo. This is to protect the lens on landing.


    • Nice!

      I have an idea of making a light mount on the underside where the camera is protected and out of the way. Your idea is pretty simple and good though!

      Please share a map photo when you have the chance!


    • My protection for the camera.


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