Inexa Control is a ground control station software offered by Insitu.

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Inexa Control & Hololens

What's really cool about this is the hololens software is an actual GCS with the ability to control APM:copter-based quads.

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Inexa Control Released August 29th!

All - Coinciding with FAA's Part 107 going into effect we at insitu are releasing Inexa Control, our ground control station software with the Unmanned Vehicle Plugin for ArduCopter which enables control of all Arducopter / APM:Copter based quadcopters.  This is very exciting for us at Insitu bringing professional aviation tools to all of you in the DIYDrones community.You can buy Inexa Control here: the next few weeks I'll be posting various…

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Inexa Control Updates

This topic is to post updates on Inexa Control!  Members are welcome to post comments / questions in this topic.For urgent customer support questions please go to our support website, this is the fastest!09/02/2016 Update:Inexa Control launched earlier this week and is now available on Insitu's website.  For those interested in seeing a showcase of Inexa Control's user experience check out these two videos below:Inexa Control Overview TrailerInexa Control Unmanned Vehicle Plug-in for Arducopter…

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