3 Axis Gimbal for Iris+ - looking for suggestions.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a 3-axis gimbal for an Iris+?

The only option I have found out there is the DYS 3 Axis.  Are there any others that work with a GoPro Hero 4 Black?

Thanks, erik


If someone who owns a DYS and an Iris sees this, I have a few questions:

  1. Does the DYS integrate with pixhawk?
    • Meaning in auto missions or follow me, will the Iris+ be able to tilt the camera up and down to keep the subject in frame?
  2. Is there an interface plate, or do I have to find someone to 3D print one for me?
  3. Does the DYS work with a GoPro 4 black?
  4. How are the vibration levels?
  5. Is it difficult to install
    • Complicated software config I can handle, but on the hardware side I'm pretty awful at soldering and tend to really mess things up.

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    • I'm getting footage easily on par with the Solo test footage, and equal to my dad's Inspire.  It did take some adjustment.

      There are now 2 new awesome gimblas that I would definitely look into, and would actually buy if someone wants to buy my fully-tuned DYS SMART. 




      Both run Alexmos 32 bit, and both look phenomenal.

      ZeusCam A-G4 GoPro2/3/4 Brushless Gimbal 360 degree with AV Output_Rctimer R/C Hobby Online Shop
      ZeusCam A-G4 GoPro2/3/4 Brushless Gimbal 360 degree with AV Output现价249.990;   The video by Dale tested:  
    • Thanks for the information. I could find an amazing footage of DYS Marcia: https://youtu.be/kGyhT8SGcbQ

      But as you know, Marco is an expert among experts. He said

      DYS Marcia is a great 3-axis gimbal, unfortunately does't work well "out-of-the-box", it requires some hardware changes in order to have all the remote control offered by "Basecam" 32 bit board ...

    • At first I was all excited about the solo, but from reading some of the problems think I will wait. I was kind of swaying away from the dji stuff due to poor quality and bad service, but now messing with pixhawk and open source hardware, im leaning back to dji. Still messing with PIDs in the iris and x8 to make them hold in loiter. Just bought the inspire which was ready to fly out of the box, My x8 and iris flew like crap until I did a compass calibration. for a while hated phantoms, but now the p3 brought back my confidence. Friends have been flying the snot out of them and when I flew a inspire for a few hrs, loved so much I bought one. My local dji dealer told me that DJI has hire double the employees and moved to a bigger facility to stay ahead of the game.  

    • Buy an inspire!!!!!Love mine!

  • I only noticed that someone mentioned they no longer handle the DYS and at the same time this model was listed

    • This whole post has been really informative. I an a newbie with the Iris+ and UAV in general but not with video production.Trying to learn as much as i can and slowly getting better at flying. I need to add aerial footage to my reel and I would like to find an optimal solution for a gimbal with the Iris+. Looks like XProHeli is the way to go but no more DYS gimbals. So just to keep this thread going, has anyone tried that new SteadyGo gimbal from XProHeli? I will be contacting them after i write this. 

    • I would really like to see some video results from the XProHeli SteadyGo 3-axis gimbal (I've searched YouTube and have found none).

      I've watched a lot of videos from guys on the RCGroups forum using the Feiyu Tech G4, DYS, and Align G2 3-Axis gimbals.  All of them seem to suffer from some level of horizon drift when turning during forward flight motion.  I think a lot of it has to do with a lack of a communication channel between the flight controller and the gimbal controller.

      As I have mentioned above in this thread, I own both the DYS 3-Axis and the DJI H3-3D gimbals.  My biggest complaint with my DYS gimbal is that it suffers from YAW drift during forward motion of the multi-rotor (where as the horizon is solid).  My H3-3D on the other hand is rock solid in all three axis during various flight maneuvers.  Perhaps the H3-3D is more solid due to the CAN bus comm connection between the Naza V2 F/C and the H3-3D GCU, I don't know.

      I am thinking I might be able to improve my DYS performance with my Pixhawk controller if I were to use the AUX channel outputs between the F/C and the gimbal controller.  Right now, my DYS gimbal controller is free standing, and pitch is controlled by a spare channel on my S-bus Rx.  I've spent hours trying to tune my DYS, and others on RCGroups have just given up on the DYS.

      It will be REAL interesting to see the video results of the SOLO with its 3-axis gimbal!  Though I don't usually like the "boxed" solutions like the Phantom, Inspire, or Bebop (or Iris for that matter), the SOLO looks really cool, and pre-sale videos seem to look pretty awesome.  And I really like the programmability of the 3DR flight controller (it's the one reason I haven't pulled it off my big hex with the DYS gimbal).  I'm ready for my next aerial video platform...

      Align G2 Horizon Drift (starts around 1:10 and 1:20):


    • Thanks for the reply.

      I haven't found any videos yet although their website is www.steady-go.com and they have a DSLR gimbal. The video is from 2013 and nothing coming up in Google searches? The smaller drone gimbal must be really new.

      I have only had my Iris+ a few months and it was having all kinds of issues at first when i tried to use the GoPro mounted on front. Not sure what the deal was, it flew fine without it. After horrible support lag from 3DR, i basically fixed it myself by doing many many calibration attempts and complete resets. I think it might have been APM Planner for my mac after i did a firmware update. I now use Mission Planner with VMWare Fusion. So i have been worried about throwing more money at it if its going to have more issues. Its been flying fine now though with the front mounted GoPro. I still need a gimbal and FPV setup. And the SOLO is so new that i don't want to go that route either. But i need to get a solution soon. I think i might just buy the Phoenix Simulator software and get better at flying first and then wait for more of the SOLO issues to get resolved. I was thinking about the Phantom 3 but not too sure about that camera. Although it does say 50-60Mbps for the bitrate. 

      I wish XProHeli would do a sample video with the Steady Go. You'd think they would have one already if they wanted some sales. 

    • It's possible that when using the front mounted GoPro on the Iris that the balance (CG) was off, contributing to flight instability.  I find that both my Hex (using Pixhawk) and my quad (using Naza V2) fly much better when I use the battery to counter-balance the weight of the gimbal and camera (I just mount the battery further back with Velcro and a Velcro strap).  It will be interesting to see how the Solo performs with a fix-mounted battery (and no way to compensate for the forward weight of the gimbal / camera).

      My buddy has a Phantom 3, and I must say the video (link to ground station) is pretty awesome at 720 res. and DJI's camera shoots some really nice footage at 4K / 30FPS (or 24, I don't recall exactly).  And there's no fisheye either (but that can be handled on GoPro by going to the "Narrow" field of view option).

      My only comment on 4K at 30FPS is that it (GoPro) doesn't respond well when the camera rotates quickly, the video gets a little choppy at 30FPS.  At least at 2.7K, you can record at 60FPS, which is best for an original source video, then edit as needed.  Not sure if the P3 camera has that option.  As far as bit-rate, just be sure to get a SD card that can handle the dataflow - Sandisk has several mid-priced cards that perform very well.

    • Yeah, the CG might have been off, but they did have sample 3DR videos that showed a front mounted GoPro with the clear plastic housing. I just bought a frame housing and that was ok. Both pointed forwards and downward. But that was just for testing, i need a gimbal now. Or a SOLO or P3. I would really like to check out some raw original files straight off the P3's camera (No YouTube/Vimeo compression, etc). And that Narrow FOV is somewhat OK but i would prefer to have it a bit wider than the 94 degrees or so. The P3 cameras 4K is only 30fps.

      When filming i would try to keep movements to a minimum. Just slow flying and slow camera movements. Looks a bit more cinematic anyways and you wouldnt have to slow down any footage. Erik Graham in earlier posts had a great video in the snow. Trying to minimize stuff done in post. 

      For my GoPro i have the SanDisk Extreme Pro 64Gb card at 95MB/s. "Should" be able to handle any of the GoPro 4 Black settings.

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