3DR Iris Screwed Me Again!

Well I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  I had a horrific crash a couple of months ago, so I've been laying low.  Then last week I started to piece everything together and get back into it VERY SLOWLY and carefully.

Some of you (on facebook) helped me look at my logs from 3 simple flights just to foresee any problems, everything looked ok:  http://diydrones.com/group/iris/forum/topics/please-check-my-logs

So yesterday I assemble a brand new Tarot 2D gimbal, and also pieced together a couple of broken GoPros and made 1 that would record.  Just scraping up the pieces to get back into it slowly, ya know?

I took it to the park tonight, a different park and I made sure to STAY OVER THE GRASS AT ALL TIMES, and no higher than 10 meters for the most part.  I flew several auto missions I just drew up tonight in DroidPlanner2.  Just quick flights, relatively low to the ground, and I brought 3 batteries.

I was testing different flight patterns and waypoint functions in DroidPlanner, nothing too crazy.  A pause here for 10 seconds, a 10 meter circle around this area, point the camera here, no big deal, right???  

I'm in my 4th flight and using my 3rd and final battery for the night.  The audio comes on and says "Battery at 90%" so I'm like ok, cool.  I'm just letting it run it's auto mission that probably would have lasted a grand total of 3 minutes, and the son of a bitch drops out of the F#^%ing sky AGAIN like a rock, NO WARNING.  I break one of the blue arms, and my BRAND NEW F$*%ing gimbal snaps off of the Iris.

Is this a joke?  

So anyways, here I go again, I'll put this one in to 3DR support with almost ZERO confidence, let's see if they'll offer 30 bucks off of something again and find a way to suggest it was all my fault.

Here are the logs, and better yet I've got the video.  What else can I provide you fine folks?  I'll just share the Dropbox folder with all 4 logs from tonight, and of course the crash is the latest log.  I would absolutely love some analysis on what went wrong.


And the video.  I can share the other videos from the earlier flights tonight, but they are uneventful, just going to a dozen waypoints, looking at points of interest, pausing, and landing.

The crash happens at 2:37, and I think it's just absolutely adorable how the motors continue to spin EVERY TIME it crashes even if it's upside down, as if there is no setting on the compass that can turn those damned motors off.

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  • I feel your pain brother. I yard darted a dji 900..800.00 in damage! Total loss of power. Hardware failure!

  •  almost too tired for this.. btw did you have a backup RCTX powered on with switches in stab mode throttle=0?

    (required to do auto takeoffs in older versions of tower and droidplanner 2)..


    • honestly I have no idea.  If it wasn't included in the default parameters, then No, I didn't have this set.

  • Where are you located Justin? Maybe I could drop by and provide some support/assistance.

    Did you happen to note if the top of your iris felt hot?

    I got my replacement Iris in from 3DR last week and it was a smooth calibration with the most recent Mission Planner. As well, I set up a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Tower...and it heated up quickly communicating  with the Iris. So...

            What phone are you using to run your ground station? I just wonder if its something to look into.

    I am also planning on adding a small micro fan under the top to move air over the ESC and the pixhawk...my new unit heated up during cals and setup...so I'm "concerned"

    • I'm in Northern Utah, Clinton.

      I use a Samsung Note 3, my phone as the ground station.  I did notice the phone was warm.  But even if the phone stops, shouldn't the uploaded mission to the craft continue to carry out and finish?  If not RTL when connection is lost?

      I didn't check the drone temp, I'll keep that in mind.  So it's the top of the Iris that gets hot?


  • On another note, if this battery is the one that caused my last crash too, I should test it out.  What model of voltage tester do you guys prefer?

    • Yes, what file extensions do you want? Bin? Tlog, log?
    • I'd like to have a look at (.log)

    • Thank you for at least taking an interest though!
    • Can you post the logs outside of Dropbox? I'll have a look.

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