• I was thinking about trying the DJI 1045 props with the self tightening nut that is molded into the prop. No more little nuts or washers to lose.

    • I'll take a look at those. I just saw some for the first time and they look interesting.
  • Here's the link,

    I am thinking about the silver ones but the reviews are mixed so I was hoping to get the 3D Robotics product.
  • Go to your local Fastenal store and take one of the original prop nuts with you.  Tell them you want the same size in "Kepnuts".  The star washer is built right into the nut so you don't have to keep track of the small washers.  I can't remember the size but that's what I did and have been using them for awhile now.  They work great and they are cheap.

    • Those look good too but I like the type in the link better. I may end up getting the kepnuts if the spinner type doesn't work out. I do dislike the separate washers.
  • Cool, thanks for sharing!!

    So with these blue ones, you bolt the bottom onto the motor (remove existing hub) and then you can easily spin on the tops and tighten them by putting the rod through that hole and tightening?

    For the black ones, I don't really see how they help??

    Can someone shed more light on both these kits and my speculations of?


    • With these you have to disassemble the motor to install the shorter shaft then screw the riser portion to the motor.

      Yes, just use an appropriately sized metal rod, could be a nail, Allen wrench, whatever to tighten it down.

      I usually end up holding the prop to get enough leverage when tightening the prop nut and I'm afraid that I'll hurt the prop one day. The prop shaft is too short for me also.

      Here's where I found this link.
    • I have a couple of those that came with the kit but I like the ones the spinner type (I think that's the term). I like the idea of not needing a wrench and with the IRIS motors mount in the pocket, I would like some more space between the prop and arm to grip while tightening the prop nut.
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