• The thing is when they advertise these flight times, the weather is absolutely perfect. no wind, perfect ambient temp around 75 85 degrees. But I don't know of anybody yet that's getting 15 minutes with a stock battery. And there is know way you would get ten with the gimbal and legs. The four longer landing legs are the same weight as 2 gopro hero3 cameras. That a lot of extra weight.

    Temperature,  and off coarse weight are the two biggest factors of low flight times.

    But I do know they have the ability to put a a product that can get a much better time in the air. DJI is getting great flight times now with with their Phantom 2 and vision.. New batteries, and more efficient props are getting up to 25 minutes with a full fpv on the vision and 20mn with the P2.

    • DJI batteries are $150 each.

  • I tried 9" 3 blade props and 4S battery. Flight characteristic looked under powered, I was going to do AutoTune but I couldn't trust props, (thanks HK) , center hubs were wobbly so I discarded the idea..

    • Hi Murat

      I have tried the 10" Master air screw 3 blade props, they are too narrow a blade and are no more efficient than 10" two blade props (they are smoother though with less vibration).

      Flight time was actually slightly reduced.

      A 3 bladed prop for multicopters needs a wider blade though, that's all there is to it.

  • I know this has drifted off topic, but does anyone know what kind of flight times one can expect with the Tarot gimbal + gopro onboard? If I can get 10 minutes with a larger battery and the gimbal I definitely want to buy one.

    • 9Its been discussed in the last 8 to 10 posts right above. (Alternative props for the Iris). Some guys are getting 15 minutes from a 5000 mah bat with the gimbal.

    • Oh, I interpreted Beau's post about 15 minutes as just the GoPro mounted on the front, not with a gimbal. If its 16 minutes with the gopro AND the gimbal, I'm definitely investing in the gimbal and the larger battery. Previous posts do seem to indicate that the normal flight battery with a gimbal is well under 10 minutes. All the other measurements were of the IRIS without any payload. Am I reading this wrong (obviously I'm new to this)?

    • Well I assumed he was talking about gopro with gimbal because the discussion about flight times being around 8 to 10 minutes were with the gimbal and gopro. If he is just talking about the go pro with out the gimbal and legs then yes I can see him getting 15 minutes with the 5000 mah..

      I don't see it happening with out better props and of coarse a bigger battery. I have a 4500m mah that's the same weight as the stock battery coming but until the weather warms up I cant get a good test..

      best I have done so far is 8.30 with just the longer legs. no gopro out door temp 33 f

    • I just came back from a flight.  Iris, Gimbal, Gopro Hero 3+ Silver, Long Legs, and 250mw FPV Transmitter using Gopro for camera.  Flight time 5:30  voltage at landing 10.8v      Sure hope I can find a battery that will work.  If I could get 8-10 minutes safe flying time at this point in time I would be happy.  You really have to rush with less than 6 minutes!

    • yep I am getting similar times and landing at 10.9v 600 mw vtx and 10 amp SBEC.

      the battery Nitro is talking about sounds quite interesting wonder if they do it in 4S also...


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