• What zippy battery? Their are quit a few different zippy 5000mah sizes and c ratings. Does it have the xt60 end or do you have to change it? 3s, 4s? Whats the weight

      I have a 4500mah battery coming that is only 28 grams heavier than the stock bat. I couldn't find a 5000 battery that was less than 100 grms heavier than stock. I figured for only 500mah that weighed almost 70 gms heaver it didn't pay to purchase it.

    • Not sure about the weight, but I've been right around 15 minutes with a gopro.  They're only $20 bucks now at HobbyKing

    • Ok I was going to try them but because of the weight (404) I decided to go with the 4500. (278gms) turnigy nano tech. they re both around the same size.

      Unfortunately, outdoor day time temps here are still around the low to mid 30s so I can't really get any maximum flight time yet

    • Hey Nitro, Are the Phantom props slow fly?  I have been told that the props from the phantom aren't configured for a slow fly platform... I am interested if we can swap them...

    • As far as I know there are considered slow fly. I will be giving them a try. The three bladed props I also ran on the phantom long before they came out  with the new phantom 2 and vision props. The performance was excellent with the 3 blades but I didn't gain any xtra flying time to speak of. I'm hoping they will work on the iris. The 1038 dji props work but they seem to be just as mushy as the apc .props.  You never know if anything will work unless you go out and test it. Only thing is a guy can sure end up with a lot extra parts that are useless!! LOL

    • The G8 was also $90 and it's 4400mAh.  Glad to know I'm not the only one running tests with the Iris strapped down. :-)

      I'll post the results when the battery arrives.  Did you choose 15amps for testing because that's the typical draw when hovering?

    • I got the Thunderpower 4400 today and it fits perfect inside the Iris.  It's just a bit thicker than stock.  It'll be a few days until I can test it.

      How is the fit on the Zippy 5000?  Does it hit the LED on the back or rub the foam pads too tight?

      I'm wondering how the Thunderpower batt costs $90, and the Zippy is only $22.90?  I did notice the Zippy was 100g heavier.

    • the TP 3900 is 1mm wider do you think it would fit?

    • yes it will fit

    • The zippy 5000mah is a little tight and a little heavy, but it works and gives decent times.  Granted you have to install your own xt60's, but you can also buy 3 for the price of the Thunderpower.

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