Any experience with the "Fake" GoPro cameras?

There are a bunch of the off brand "little box action cameras" out there now, looking very similar to GoPro with the colors, shapes, lens on the same side and all.

Has anybody had experience with these, connecting to the gimbal and broadcasting to their Liveview set?

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  • One more question about either the SJ4000 or SJ5000... With the GoPro, I have to change it to Narrow view from Wide, so the legs and propeller blades aren't in the frame.  Does the SJCAM line have the multi angles like Wide to Narrow so the legs wouldn't show in the frame?

    • You can use the zoom function on any SJCAM, but remember it is digital zoom so you will loose image quality. Gopro narrow or wide  is also a zoom function.

    • OK thanks.  

      And the adapting from USB mini to USB micro for the liveview video feed coming from the camera, does it work?  I know it may not fit exactly in the gimbal, that I might have to move some things around or flip the camera upside down, but I just need to know if the video feed would work coming into the live view kit through the usb adapter.  Does anybody know about this?

    • Yes, Av output are availibile from USB port, use this cable from hobbyking even banggood/Ebay you will find this cable.

  • I've seen a lot of people that will use rubber bands, velcro, zip ties, install some spacers, or I've seen a custom 3d printed holder as well.
  • Thank you for the input, I've previously not heard of this camera.  Can you tell me if it fits in the Tarot 2D gimbal, and if the Liveview will broadcast video with it?

  • SJ4000 and other "clone" does the job for the money, be sure of that, there no added value that justifies the price difference

    Compare yourself : Youtube SJ4000 vs Gopro

    sj4000 vs gopro - YouTube
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • I also notice the SJ5000 model out, I assume this is a more recent model, and then they have the "Plus" models that will provide 1080 at 60fps.  

      Does the screen on the back side add too much weight for the Tarot 2D gimbal?  I wouldn't need the screen since it would be sitting in the gimbal the whole time, but the AV out of the USB port and feeding into the Liveview would be crucial.

      Thanks again

    • I personnaly use the first version of  the SJ4000 in a T2D gimbal, it fit well, it's a little be more stretch than with the Gopro . The bad thing is to remove the SD card or connect the USB you need to remove the cam . Personnaly I don't use anymore the aluminium mount part on the front

      AV out is possible .

      Glad to help you and sorry for my poor English .

    • I also don't use the aluminum mount, I use a velcro strap and a plastic piece that fits around the lens.

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