Any experience with the "Fake" GoPro cameras?

There are a bunch of the off brand "little box action cameras" out there now, looking very similar to GoPro with the colors, shapes, lens on the same side and all.

Has anybody had experience with these, connecting to the gimbal and broadcasting to their Liveview set?

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    • SJ4000 here. works really well. Havent used it yet but the SJ5000+ seems like a much better camera. Does true 60p and not frame doubling as the SJ4000 does. BUT, $75 or $400.... Your choice.

    • I have a SJ4000 and SJ5000+, in terms of better quality pictures and Video then SJ5000+ is the winner, only downside for SJ5000+ dimensions is a little bigger (+-1mm) compared to SJ4000. So my SJ5000+ does not fit on my T2D gimbal.

    • When you say the SJ5000+ does not fit in the Tarot 2D, is it the bracket that goes around the lens that doesn't fit, or is it the body that doesn't fit?  

      I'm willing to try the SJ5000+ and "help" it fit if it's close.

      Also on the Audio/Video out, I noticed it's the Micro USB rather than the GoPro Mini USB.  Can this send AV to the LiveView kit through a USB adapter?

    • no, the body doesn't fit, SJ5000+ is about 0.73mm to wide to fit.

    • Thanks for the info Alex.  Do you personally have experience with the SJ4000 camera in the Tarot 2D gimbal?  It's almost identical in size to the GoPro Hero 3 but I just want to make sure it's not different enough that it's going to throw the calibration of the gimbal off.


    • On my FY G3 gimbal the SJCam 4000 couldn't be used with GoPro bracket because it was slightly thicker. It didn't cause problem with gimbal but the FYG has larger servos. The 2 main reasons I went back to GoPro 3+ 

      1) Pics and video simultaneously 

      2) Starts up on previously saved settings

      I didn't care to go into the camera every flight and setup the video out and other options. You will also need a differed FPV video cable since is has a different USB port. These may not be enough for others for the extra $$ for a GoPro but thought I'd share my experience.


  • Have a couple of SJ4000 cams, the early models dont have av out, but 2014 and onwards models have AV out and wifi. at about 55 pounds via ebay they are quite cheap for 1080p and come with waterproof case which has a gopro style mount. 

    have seen some of the same cameras rebranded turnigy as well.

    really can't complain for the price, especially for smaller quads where damage is always a possibility.

    • Could you provide a link to one of these that have AV out?  I am interested in using it with the Liveview kit on my Iris+.  I don't care much about the case and other accessories, I just need it to mount to the Tarot 2D gimbal, and have the same USB connection for the liveview so I can view the streaming video.

      It absolutely terrifies me to keep sending up the GoPro unprotected, and ever since my last GoPro was smashed, I'm looking for more of a "disposable" type of camera for the Tarot 2D gimbal and Liveview kit.


  • Yes I have several gopro'2 1 of each model, Than I was contacted by a company that makes a wifi gopro clone with built in screen it is a real at200 hd cam 99.00usd delivered and to be honest it works identical to my newest gopro black! and all I have to do is hook it to my pc and video and pic comes up right away the only downside if you consider it as a downside is the audio is not as good as my gopro? but all I use them for is fpv so to me there better I would rather loose 100usd than over 400usd I do not want to hear my motors running anyway!  and on any gimbal it works great cant speak about the 3Dr solo gimbal yet but I talked to the company and was sent a firmware update that they promised me it will work just like any gopro and I hate wasting money on a name it even comes with a wifi style watch strap to take pics or start video and there is a cable to hookup or make for around 10 bucks using my taranis plus that I can switch from pics to video and back. if you are interested hit me up! picture and video quality is the same!!!

    • I'm interested....


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