• Yes it is very pricey! It would not be something I would purchase unless business started getting really good!!

      Do you use the free pix4d version?

      Im also looking to get into the fields you mentioned, but am just at the beginning. I have some tentative leads into development and real estate but Im unsure of how best to proceed.

      Would you be willing to share some of your experience/tips/tricks in developing a client base?

      Are you independent or do you work for a company?

    • Pix4D is $350 per month. You can just buy it per month, no contract. This is good because you can get a job first then do the flight, then pay for the software. 

      I am a graphic/web designer by trade and had several clients ask me for the service so I got into it and got hooked. 

      I have my own business (ShadowQuad Aerial Imaging) and also design and print 3D printed parts for drones.

      Your best bet is to really dig deep on learning and flying your drone. Get involved with all forums and learn, learn learn. 

      Become a member of your local farmers and construction organizations. Build through social media. 

    • Hey guys, I work for DroneDeploy and think there may be some confusion on pricing so I'd like to clear that up. DroneDeploy actually starts at $99/month. We also have a 30-day free trial (no credit card required) going on right now which the timer doesn't start on until you create your first successful map, so no harm in signing up.

      If you guys have any other questions please feel free to reach out and we can chat.



    • Does your Iris+ addon unit trigger a GoPro camera by distance? 

    • What you're referring to is the piece of hardware (called the CoPilot) that we sold for users to add onto their drones. Unfortunately, we've recently made the decision to stop selling CoPilots directly to our clients in order to simplify the user experience.

      So right now, if you want to use DroneDeploy, you can either purchase a drone that has the CoPilot already integrated from one of our channel partners or use a compatible DJI drone as those are ready to go with the DroneDeploy app right out of the box.

      I realize now that I've made the mistake of jumping into an Iris-specific board (and post) so I apologize for not stating the above in my previous post.


    • 10-4

      I like your service and Nolan speaks highly of you guys. I'm am married to the Pixhawk system at the moment.

    • Right on. The Pixhawk is great but the integration process of our hardware was just not ideal for the average Joe which was a driving factor in the recent decision.

      If you ever get your hands on a DJI product be sure to download our app and give it a whirl, it's a very seamless experience.

      Safe flying!


    • @DavidFolts replying here as for some reason I can't reply directly to yours.

      We definitely understand your point of view. Right now we are seeing how it goes but in the future we may be able to integrate a lot better if we see different types of hardware specs in any potential newer versions of Pixhawk!

    • Ian-

      Y'all might want to reconsider on at least a case by case basis. I'm not going to acquire a DJI product just to use Drone Deploy.  I had really wanted to have a multi-sensor, reconfigurable in my Iris+ and not a single sensor-single mission ship set-up.

      Its my Air Force way of thinking, but I reckon you can appreciate the flexibility it provides small operators like myself.

    • Farmers and construction organization? such as?

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