Anyone had problem ordering from 3DR store?

Hi everyone,

I need your help for my order from 3DR store.

I have ordered IRIS+ back in 19 May 2015.
It has passed for about a month now but it didn't even start to ship.

If I see the tracking information that they have given me, it just says "Label created".
When I called FedEx they said that they haven't received the package.
So I have created couple of tickets in 3DR site, and sent several emails complaining
about the delayed shipment, but they are not answering.

Anyone had similar experience?

If you did, how or to whom did you contact to solve the issue?

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  • Yesterday I tried purchasing something from 3dr, but the payment would not go through. I also logged in through my 3dr website to check if any orders had actually gone through and they were not showing up in my account. My concern arose when I checked my account and I have two pending charges from your company for 107.50. Also hearing about everyones issue I really don't want to order from 3dr. I'm really frustrated because there is no order no., no email confirmation, and no invoice. However, they still had the nerve to charge me twice for the same payment. I've already ordered the parts I need from another company. Also I sent you an email Vu.

    • 3D Robotics

      Hi Carlos,

      Thanks for the email.  Glad we could get you sorted out!

    • Hi Vu Tran,

      I'm trying to pay several articles I intend to buy in the store, but service rejected my credit card, please i need help from technical support in Spanish.

  • I started to try to order some parts at the beginning of May and could not get the web site to completely process my order.  It would charge my card but not create an order number.  I started trying to contact 3DR on May 6 and was given a workaround that finally got the order placed on May 14 (R006117210).  The workaround required them to call me directly for my credit card info.  I've been waiting ever since.  My Solo pre-order went in on June 6, so it is in the queue, as well. 

    I would have imagined that a Bay-area company could just buy industrial strength web shopping cart services that include credit card processing, issue tracking, and failover you would just pay someone to port your page design and turn it on. If that's not just a commodity you can buy in 2015, I am in the wrong business.  How much revenue would you have to lose every day before you'd write that check? You'd need good analytics, of course, to know how many customers are getting lost in the various hay stacks.

    • 3D Robotics

      Hi Garry,

      Found your order. We'll get you sorted out.  :)

  • Hello everyone,

    I too am in limbo with an order from 3dr. 

    I placed an order on the 13th of May for about $400 worth of stuff.

    It will be eight weeks on Wednesday since the order was placed. 

    June was fun:  I'd call at the beginning of the week and get told that my order would be 'finalized', or some such, next week.  Repeat a few times. 

    At the end of June I speak to another CSR and mention my displeasure in the complete lack of communication from them.  3DR's website is terrible.  Apparently the website has a 'glitch' where an order can be marked as 'Balance Due' regardless of actual state of payment.  This CSR does actually send me an email (and to be fair, all the CSRs I spoke with where polite and were trying to helpful) that said:

    " still waiting for a reply from our shipping department, they just told me, that they are doing a final review on the information they have, and also, they are processing the last documentation on this. again, im waiting to get a confirmation on this, I ll keep you posted."

    This was last week.

    Since my order in mid May, I've received five communications from 3DR:

    an order confirmation

    an email to create a 3dr zendesk account

    a message through that zendesk account about an issue with my payment (23 days after the order btw)

    the email I pasted just above

    a promotional email.

    So, 20% of the communication from 3DR about an order eight weeks overdue was junk mail trying to get me to buy more stuff from them.

    What a joke!

    I believed that 3DR hardware could be at the centre of my professional hardware, as I've liked their stuff from a hobbyist perspective, but this level of unreliability is unacceptable.  I can really feel for Craig P. who posted just above.  I would absolutely hate to be in his position: losing work due to the reasonable expectation that he's dealing with a professional company that keeps its own deadlines.

    • 3D Robotics

      Hi Dom,

      I'm really sorry about that, I've just checked and everything looks all clear from our side.   I'll make sure your order goes out today.  

    • Hello Vu,

      You must have some serious clout as, like you stated in your reply, the order went out.  I appreciate you taking the time to get that sorted for me. 

      I hope you guys can iron out these issues as I imagine the people who buy your products, and are members of this website, are exactly the kind of serious hobbyists/professionals that will actively promote 3DR. 

      For example, I was doing the first part of my RPQ-s earlier this year and the class was split like so:

      80% off the shelf DJI Phantom owners

      15% guys who were already with a company flying larger custom rigs and were getting their paper work sorted

      5% 3DR based custom setups (me with the Pixhawk and this other nice chap doing photogrammetry with an older APM)

      Me and my fellow APM-bro really sang the praises of the kit at the time, and quite a few of the off-the-shelf DJI guys' interest were piqued by what was offer from 3DR, both RTF and diy.  I was surprised that most of these guys couldn't tell an ESC from a PDB ... something I feel is important to know if you're going to be flying professionally.

      I'm meandering off topic now, but suffice it to say that I would very much like to be able to heartily recommend 3DR in the future without the caveat that "... their stuff is great but their service sucks!"


      Dom Brown

    • I Think it is totally Wrong to say that 3DR service sucks, It has only been a couple of months that there has been  issues with website and the Solo release,Saying that 3DR is the only company that stands behind there products 100% and will repair/replace your whole rig even the gopro camera! They are still getting the job done once there aware of any issues we have, and I can tell you from past experience for other companies that if something is faulty well your screwed!!! it took me over 9 months to get Dji to replace a faulty gps puck and that would have never happened if the manager from A MAIN HOBBIES didn't step in and ship me a new one than had to fight with dji to comp them for it!  3DR service is by far the best there   is! Just at the moment there under a lot of preasure and are still getting the job done! read through this site and you will see issues and Vu Tran fixing everyone of them.I know it sucks when it takesI  awhile to get something but if it was another company YOU WOULD NOT GET ANYTHING EVER!! AND I HAVE ALOT OF EMAILS PROVING THIS FACT.

    • Maybe i just have bad luck but I have sent 3dr techs 2 messages over 2 weeks one pertaining to a question about a go pro camera being charged on an x8 and another one about the status of my $35.00 order that was placed 3 weeks ago.

      Not sure how long ago you had a problem with DJI, but last spring I yard darted my s900 and pretty much totaled it. Thank god I video taped the crash. DJi requested the video and the box of carbon fiber pieces. With in the week of receiving the 900, DJI admitted that the IMU and the PMU was faulty and to blame for the crash. They replaced my 900 with a new 900 with the updated wookong IMU for no charge. I bought the S900 form foxtech hobbies which is a Chinese internet company. I feel I was treated fairly and in a timely fashion. 

      I think people that have bought a Solo, as of lately, have been taken care of, but the other users of 3dr other products(iris/x8) are suffering in parts and help. I know everyone here on this site hates DJI, but they are really ramping up service and I never have a problem getting parts for my DJI ships. Why did 3dr release a drone that seems like wasnt tested long enough. So maybe 3dr should have sent out 50 or so Solos for free to first pilots to sign up, to test for a few months before rolling out. 


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