Best FPV and mounts for IRIS?

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   I wanted to  d




                               a line and welcome myself to the forums. I am fairly new to DIY and Drones in general, but right out of the gate this is by far extremely fascinating. Being a computer engineer this is right up my ally, *tinkering*. I am wanting to see if anyone has come up with a FPV system for their 3DR IRIS? and if so, using what  FPV system and mounts? Pictures/Videos would be greatly appreciated. I read else where that using the GoPro's Wifi feature was not really an option with the IRIS, has anyone else heard this? Thank you all in advance and I look forward to your replies.

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  • I've been trying to find where to get the black gopro mount pictured in most of 3dr's photography.  I thought it would come with the Iris but apparently not. The standard case the gopro comes with doesn't allow for access to fpv port on the side. 

    Any ideas?

    • You should have received a GoPro arm mounted onto the front of the IRIS.  If not, you need to call them and let them know.  You can use the GoPro frame mount that GoPro sells to access your USB port but the IRIS is really setup for the gimbal on the bottom which would allow full access to the GoPro and IRIS capabilities.

    • I received the arm but not the black plastic case that holds the actual gopro as pictured on the 3DR Iris web page.  am I missing something?

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    • I will be able to give you more info once my iris gets here Friday. From my understanding the case pictured above is supposed to come with the iris, if not I would call support.

    • Just came across this 3dr youtube video:

      does not look as though it comes with the case you have pictured above

  • I found this video which looked interesting.  Perhaps something could be built with Sony Super HAD gear.

    I noticed the stock mount that comes on the Iris has black rubber buffer material around the bolts (I assume to reduce vibration)  Does that provide enough vibration dampening to get good video with a solid extension connected to the stock mount?


  • We'll be providing a complete ready to mount FPV kit soon at

    • Is this available yet? I just see a basic kit there, but not a complete kit. No pictures of the components. The 3DR kit is too heavy for IRIS.

    • Thanks for the reply AKRCGUY, any time frame on a release for a ready to mount FPV system for the Iris?

      Thanks in advance

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