Binding & setting up Taranis Plus for the Iris+

Hello - 

I’m hoping someone has simple instructions and an eepe file to bind and setup the Taranis Plus with my Iris+.  

I really want to start using it but would like specific instructions for the Iris+.  

Also, is there any advantage to swapping out the TX that came with the Iris+ (D4?) to the one that came with the Taranis Plus (D8?)?  I don’t plan on having anything other than the gimbal and my gopro.  

Thanks very much, your assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Well, I don't remember the exact numbers right now, but I checked the stock Iris+ transmitter output, against a Spektrum DX8, using my Immersion power meter, and the DX8 was showing quite a bit more power. This was using a stock dipole antenna on the meter, and about 5/6 feet away from the transmitters.

  • If you have a Facebook page, join the Iris Owners group on Facebook.

    In the files section, there is an EEPE file, audio files, as well as full instructions (all from one of the admin's Paul Dinardi).

    The only reason to bump up to the X8R would be to get 16 channels across SBUS.  With the D4R-II, you can only get 8 channels...which is fine for firmware 3.2, but with 3.3, they are expanding the aux channels to 9-14 (or maybe 9-12).  You will then be able to program these extra channels with several new options.  But the D4R-II is still plenty capable.

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  • Go on the Facebook iris forum, grab my eepe and how to Taranis guide in the files section
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