• Haven't opened the box yet. Printing Nexus 7 holder for RC Controller. I'll have some info by sunday

  • Check your camera for the following. Remove the SD card and leave the dial on "P". Turn it on, and press "Menu". Go to the camera icon in the top left, and do:

    Digital zoom: off

    AF- point zoom: off

    Servo AF: off

    Af-assist beam: off

    MF-point zoom: off

    Safety MF: off

    Enter flash settings, turn all off

    Wind filter: off

    Review: off

    Blink detection: off

    Enter IS settings, turn all off.

    And then save the settings. In KAP UAV select "MF" in "Focus @ infinity". At least this has worked just fine for my Canon S100. 

    • Am I shooting in "auto" after all that? 

    • "Auto" in the dial near the shutter?

    • Just the modes on top right. I'm beginning to think this camera is bunk. (bad lens) 

    • Updated S100 latest firmware now I have the famous "Lens error" - will not retract or function. 

    • You updated with a Canon firmware update?  From the official Canon web site?  (Don't forget that CHDK is not "firmware" and makes no permanent changes to the Canon firmware installed in your camera).

      As far as the famous E18 Lens Errror,  this is my favorite "how to" site for dealing with that :

        Fixing a Lens Error (Stuck or Jammed Lens) on a Digital Camera

      Fixing a Lens Error (Stuck or Jammed Lens) on a Digital Camera
      (Last Update: 13 February, 2014) If this information helps you, please pay it forward, and share this article with others who may be e...
    • Walter,

      I have 3.2, tried your link, but Box wouldn't give me access. I do have a account (free level).

    • Sorry - don't know what happened there.   The permanent link (for whatever is the latest version of the script) is :

    • The link still works.  Or you could start here KAP UAV Exposure Control Script

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