Cheaper Gimbal Alternative?

I'm looking for a 2 axis gimbal for my Iris+, preferably a reasonable price.  There's a ton of gimbals on Amazon and AliExpress, does anyone have any experience with these "generic" gimbals?  If so, can you link your favorites?  I'm looking for less than $100 if possible. 

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  • Why would anybody waste the money on a 2 axis gimble? 3 axis provides much better video. !90.00 shipped dys 3 axis go pro gimble.

  • Just picked up a Tarot T-2D from HK for <90 EUR, add 10-15 USD for an IRIS+ gimbal mount.

  • I would stay away from a cheap eBay / China gimbal. I have two that are book ends they never worked right. A complete waste of money. 

  • walkera gimbals are RTF and cheep

    Tarot NEW gopro gimbal RTF

    G-2D Brushless Gimbal for iLook/Gopro Hero 3/Sony (Plastic) [QA229] - $115.00 : www.brushlessgimbal… G-2D Brushless Gimbal for iLook/Gopro Hero 3/Sony (Plastic) [QA229] - Walkera G-2D Brushless Gimbal for iLook/Gopro Hero 3/Son…
  • Storm32 is a great controller from OlliW which can be hooked up to the pixhawk. I basically run the same controller on bigger gimbals too.


  • I know he asked for a advice on a 2 axis, but the 3 axis from the same site isn't that much more expensive.

    I haven't used it, but the Iris benefits from a 3 axis gimbal. You won't use the third acces to pan (unless you want to see the landing gear), but it is still useful because it softens up yaw jitters. It also smooth things out when you yaw the Iris deliberately (whether that's through direct input by the pilot on the sticks, or during turns in a way point mission).
    • The mini-3d is a great potential but unfortunately a very flawed execution.  A few people have had good results but most seem to have had very poor results.  They have redesigned several parts of it since it went to market but still haven't fixed the underlying problems.  Mine also arrived in the post with one of the arms snapped so useless, others have had the same thing, because the arms are made of cheap plastic.  There are also a lot of reports of off-horizontal problems and the encoder motors losing 'lock'.  Currently I wouldn't go near it, if/when they sort their problems out it could be a great little gimbal.

      I have the zhiyun z1-tiny2 gimbal, it's quite a bit more expensive but worth every penny.  Incredible little bit of kit, it just works straight out of the box and delivers absolutely flawless rock-solid video every time.

    • Got a link to the zhiyun z1-tiny2 ?

      Done some more research flights over the past week, words cannot express how good this gimbal is after spending months with tarot/storm32/feiyu gimbals trying to get them to work.  This one just works out of the box and gives outstanding performance.

      The mini3d has all sorts of problems currently, worth waiting until they're resolved:

    • Good to know...  I was wondering why a yaw axis would be helpful... and I have noticed that the yaw is jerky with my Tarot 2D.  But I also like that the cam is pointed forward for FPF flying.  I suppose with a 3D gimbal the transmitter yaw control knob could be marked for center.

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