Lost my Iris+ when I took it out for a mission today. Put it on auto to do it's mission and set the drone so that it would RTL if the battery voltage goes below 10.5 V. Needless to say it did not return. I am using APMplanner 2.0 to do the mission planning stuff. 

Any advice or help would be appreciated. 

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    • I don't know. I was toilet bowling like crazy but I could not get APM to properly calibrate my compass. I tried MP and it worked. Now I use Tower 99% of the time, but occasionally use MP for log analysis, software/firmware updates. Yes, it forces me to use Windows but it's rare enough that I can live with it.
  • I know it does not help now, it may if you get your UAV back.

    I fly far over deep woods and lost one also, now I put one of these on all my UAVs


    Its a cheap 50$ insurance that can save you a lot of money.

    • Thank you very much!!! Out of curiosity, how much does it weigh and how do you do the installation on the drone? will it stay on or not when installed?

    • I installed mine with Velcro on the bottom.
      Velcro lets me change it between UAVs, I have 2

      It only weighs a few ounces, like any GPS

      The one I got was actually this one and its waterproof

      But the other one I linked to was smaller and lighter.

      Either should work depending on your needs.

      h20 I think is USA only but i really don't know.

    • https://www.h2owirelessnow.com/mainControl.php?page=planMin

      $10 for 90 days, however it also says if your balance is $0 your number is canceled after 30 days ??? So I guess you'd have to pay for 90 days, then also add some money to the account? I hate cell companies. Too much fine print.

    • For me $45 + $10 its well worth it as I have about 1,500 into my Team Blacksheep :-D

      With the knowledge that if I ever need to find it from a fly away I can for just $10 more :-D

      Also since its attached to my UAV if someone stole it I could track it too at least while outdoors.

    • Your looking at this wrong, this is not a regular phone so the number does not matter.

      The initial $10 gets you 90 days to test and play with it, then just let it lapse until whenever you need it, hopefully never.  The phone number does not matter so who cares if its not the same, if you get a new number its okay, you just text/call the new number to get coordinates if lost once you reactivate it.  You don't need to do anything to the GPS to get it active.
      If your worried, just write down the SIM number in case you ever lose your account.

      This is not for a phone, its for the device so the phone number does not matter if it changes, the account is tied to the SIM not the number, as long as you can call it.

      I actually keep mine charging in the air off a BEC.

    • So to be sure I understand... once the 90 days lapses and then you have a fly away you have to re-activate it before you can get the position?  I assume that that H2O can do this in almost real time?  And which H2O SIM card does one need?  When you click on the Amazon page for the tracker it offers a couple options.

    • correct, you don't need device "in hand" to reactivate it, it just needs to be powered up and SIM in, and you need to know the SIM number, at least that's the way it worked with the one with the one I got (sec link).

      When I bought it, all I needed to do was put in sim and power it up, then and go on site to enter SIM number to activate it initially, they gave me a phone number and I sent a text the number with the command to give me coordinates and it sent them back, that easy.  There is nothing to do on the tracker but put in SIM and power it up.

      Here's the SIM


    • One sort of off topic question... how long do the tracker batteries last?  I wonder if this would be a good solution for my GF's dog when he runs off.  But it might not be practical if she has to charge the battery every day.  No way to run a BEC off a Jack Russell.  ;-)

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