Field box recommendations?

I have an old field box for my nitro planes but need something similar for the Iris+ (and perhaps some other future electric aircraft).  Needs to carry batteries, props, misc cables, battery charger?  What do you guys use?  What works and what doesn't work?

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  • I bought one of these, with "pick-n-pluck" foam:

    It holds IRIS+ with props and gimbal installed, two chargers (one AC/DC), five batteries (six with one in IRIS), 7" Nexus tablet, 4 spare props,TX, Telem radio and all cables plus a small tool kit. Picture attached

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  • I was thinking of something a little more generic but that looks really nice.  Only issue is that this box will likely outlive the Iris Iris+ then its custom made cutout won't fit the next bird.  But maybe a 3D printer could make a replacement?

  • I bought one similar to this:

    I put whatever tools I may need in the tray on top and then a battery charger and batteries down below in the main compartment.  Obviously it's too small to carry the IRIS but if you're just looking for a field box it does the trick.  One added bonus is that it's metal so it a battery does decide to cook it will help to contain the fire/smoke/damage.  There are loads of metal tool boxes out there and you can spend a lot of money on them but this one was cheap and even has a nice carry handle on top.

    I'd like to see what solution you come up with so if you pick something up please post up a picture or two.


    • That's an interesting idea.  I actually have an ancient steel Craftsman box very much like the HF one.  It has been retired for a long time (just some odd things stored in it) so maybe I will re-purpose it for the interim.  The box stores have many nice plastic toolboxes that could work since the only times I would store batteries in them is out in the field.

      Still wondering if there are any electric RC specific field boxes that might be worth a look.

  • I bought this one. It's expensive, but everything fits like a glove, and you could probably drag it behind your car to the flying field, with little damage. Has wheels, and an extendable handle, like most luggage, and 2 little steel reinforced holes for padlocks if needed.

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