I have noticed upon touchdown of the craft I hear to a greater or lesser degree a revving up of the

motors before idling down.  I have gone to minimum throttle at 6" above ground and this still occurs.

I had a flipover recently due to this plus some light wind.  I have been told to recalibrate the ESC

but I have heard this momentary rev up since then.  Sometimes it is barely noticeable and some-

times it is very noticeable.  Another problem I have had recently is for the craft to switch to the

LAND mode on its own.  One time I noted the battery at 50% and another time at 30%.  Since

then at normal, below 20%.  Any comments along these lines would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and HAPPY FLYING.

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  • Hi, I have a strange thing going on with my drone that I need some help with. First let me say that I am new and don't know the technical information so please be forgiving of me for my lack of knowledge. For lack of better terms when taking off my drone seems like it wants to turn over. It doesn't really violently flip over it is just acting like it is upside down. I have a ardupilot 2.6 which I have carefully configured several times but I am not certain about the connections of the wires to the inputs. All seems to work ok. The board that the wires from the props does not seem to have any directional arrows on it but I have read that it has a forward and a backwards along with an upside down and right side up. Please guide me if you can in the most nontechnical way to help me fix this.


    Dr. John Crunk

  • I have seen this as well in "land" mode even with the throttle stick all they way down. I have a habit of switching to stabilize (with the throttle all the way down)as soon as it touches the ground but if I"m a little late on the switch to stabilize mode it's slightly scary when after the bird is on the ground all 4 motors start revving up. Switching to stabilize causes the motors to wind back down if the throttle is all the way down.

    That being said, my Iris is an original that I upgraded Iris+ but I did not change the radio configuration so I still have access to stabilize mode(I always take off in stabilize mode). I never land in alt hold, auto or loiter so I can't say what would happen there.

    For Iris owners that are not experienced flyers and not used to stabilize mode I would think this could get nasty. I do however understand why 3DR eliminated stabilize mode in the Iris+ because if you panic and switch to stab mode while chopping the throttle the copter will drop from the sky(I've done that before).


  • First thanks. For your comments. Everything is stock and software unchanged. Won't be able to do more testing til Tue or wed. Will
    Use stabilize. I thought this revving had to do with autopilot. After
    Half a dozen landings yesterday if the craft is not level or the surface
    Is not level, at touchdown, that the revving is more pronounced. I
    Thought stabilize would interfere. I will comment wed if its not to
    • Just did a series of touch and goes...

      Yes if you land and stay in throttle down (center) the props spin down and the disarm is non eventful.

      Tried in ALT hold mode and Loiter.

      Alt hold mode did not spin down as much, and Loiter seemed to shut the props down. (can I get a witness?)

      I live at about 6000 feet and we have wind most of the time, so going between Loiter and ALT hold

      means heads up in ALT hold, I do it as often as possible incase of a GPS problem.

      Loiter is just so easy

    • Thanks,

      Did work, and I recall it did in the beginning (waited for spin down),but recently  just lost my cool and went to disarm to fast.


    • stabilize, an odd name for manual control.  I wish there was a way to put it in stabilize on the

      transmitter.  You want to make sure your thumb is on the throttle if you make the change in

      air.  did some more althold and loiter.  I noticed one time in loiter a slight revving. If I ever

      go to the disarm position its because its getting out of control. i shall avoid left rudder for

      now to see if I can avoid flipovers.  yesterday I asked cust. serv. to read this discussion and

      he said he would.  Haven't heard back on it yet. 

    • The latest update 3.2.1 just got released and has fixes in it for landing detection that may help your issue.  I had reported this some time ago when landing in windy conditions the copter did not detect that it had landed and was trying to correct itself on the ground.

      Also if the copter turns as its landing a couple of the props will start revving up to try and correct for the yaw.  Try to avoid that.  Have not had a flip over since.

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    • are you saying that you've never witnessed this?  I "try" to disarm after motors are at idle.

    • Hi,

      I had this problem on old 3DR IRIS in Stabilize mode, I didn't changed anything in mode settings and used the FlySky radio. It happened 3 times, always after auto mission (but I have also did successful missions and landing in stabilize mode).

      I will try to find logs.

  • Same or similar issue.  I was starting to wonder if I wasn't disarming correctly.  Interesting comment above re behavor after an auto mission. Very often I run an auto mission, then do some manual flying in Alt hold or Loiter.  Gonna give it a try without ever running an auto mission. 

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