Flipping on take off


Just had fail day. Drove 2 hours to location, and my iris decided to behave different this time.

For some reason is reacting the opposite to what it should to stabilise

After flipping on launch a few times (and going thru a set of CF props) I manually held it, kept on stabilise with a little throttle and pitched/rolled it. I could feel the roll react the opposite of what it needs to to keep stable. Which means as soon as it rolled a fraction, it exponentially powered into the roll.

I did all the pre calibrations, etc. The compass was fine, and the HUD in the top left of APM showed correct orientation when I manually rotated the copter.

I had previously reinstall APM a few times and noticed the predefined iris setup was no longer in the frame type page. I'll restart there.

Only other thing I can think of, is the previous flight I had was with my Larger Octo, and perhaps it had sent its settings to my iris somehow?

Time to unwind, was disappointing day, has anyone had similar before I start digging?

Cheers heaps


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  • Well

    No idea what happened.

    Tried firmware upgrade, new software, reloading parameters etc.

    Was about to send another email, and then my next test everything was fine.

    The only thing I can think that I did was multiple 

    - Preflight calibration

    - Preflight Reboots

    Anyways..looks like we're back in business...willl know after test flight, but at least everythign is reacting the correct way now.


  • 3D Robotics

    Are you using the same 3DR radio telemetry channel for your Iris as you're using for your Octo? If so, and both were on at the same time, you may have indeed accidentally written to your Iris when you meant to be writing to your Octo.

    • Hi Chris...thanks for replying.

      I think they are different one 433 one 9xx (whatever it is) but I will check.

      However I dont recall ever having both on at once.

      But...I may have used one after the other, with same APM settings ad accidently written them.... not sure..

      I'll keep it in mind tho



    • 3D Robotics

      Hi Paul,

      Have you resolved your issue?  If not, we're glad to help.  Please open up a ticket with us help@3drobotics.com

    • Hi VU, have logged this as requested, but will also post here incase someone has expereinced similar:

      What I have discovered is the controls or response seems to be inverted.

      Ive downloaded and written the “iris” parameters, and done all the calibrations.

      The radio seems to be calibrated .

      If I press left and right to roll, it pitches back and forward which is odd as I haven’t deliberately changed any of that (is there some where to go look in the apm planner for those chanel assignments).

      Also, I tried in the field, just holding the iris while it is on in stabilise, when I pitch and roll, instead of powering the opposite direction to correct orientation, the iris reacts in the opposite (or near opposite) way that it should, and powers into the roll.
      This exponential increases the roll, as the more it rolls the more power it adds , so I assume it is reacting in inverse to what it should.

      Im not sure what to do about it.

      If Logs are useful let me know what tests you want me to do, and how to get them logs to you…or I guess I can also video it.


      NB: what I havent tried yet is upgrading firmware, in case somehow it is wrong?

    • 3D Robotics

      Assuming you haven't accidentally changed something on the transmitter (reversed a channel), the standard Iris params should return it to normal. You can get them in the Mission Planner here:


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