Foldable Carbon Props

Looking at some different props and ran across these:

Foldable Carbon Props

Has anyone every used these or have any insight? I see their length and pitch is 0.10" shorter in both dimensions from the stock IRIS+ props, but is that enough significance? I like the idea of foldable props. I know they are not self-tightening so would require some additional hardware, but interesting nonetheless.


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    there are 3 blade folding sets as well

  • I have not tried these on my Iris but i got the same ones for my phantom 1.1 and they were nice and stable. The issue i had was they weigh more than the stock props and the extra weight at the hub diminished my flight time by over 2 min. The design also may have caused it too because where they hook to the hud there is less prop material and thus less surface area to generate lift. Other than that they were great. I keep em as a back up in my bag for flying indoors or in tight spaces. They will collapse if they hit something and then will unfold once free. So if you are high enough, you may be able to recover from a collision vs snapping one and crashing.
    • I like the idea but it seems that the prop would lag behind it's theoretical ideal position, causing the disk size to decrease, especially under a load. This may be completely unfounded, just a hunch. The slow-mo guys could clear this up.... Maybe someone already knows.

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