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Tobey posted a discussion in IRIS
Anyone know why HK has the Tarot gimbal for $100 when everyone else is $200??HobbyKing Tarot Gimbal3DR Tarot GimbalAs near as I can tell they are the same, but obviously something is different?Thanks!Tobey
Jul 25, 2015
Tobey posted a discussion in IRIS
Looking at some different props and ran across these:Foldable Carbon PropsHas anyone every used these or have any insight? I see their length and pitch is 0.10" shorter in both dimensions from the stock IRIS+ props, but is that enough significance?…
Jul 20, 2015
Tobey posted a discussion in IRIS
Hi Everyone,New to the drone world and I have been putting my IRIS+ through its paces.  :)I am a computer programmer by trade so naturally, I have been exploring that aspect of the IRIS+. In doing so, I have been learning my way around APM Planner…
Jul 14, 2015