FPV package from USA Co...?

Anyone know of a USA company (i.e., not shipped from overseas) selling a quality FPV package for around $300 that is IN stock...?  

To be used on an IRIS using GoPro 3+ as output.

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    • Its an unfortunate compromise. You want your recordings in widescreen which is 12:9 or whatever it is, but composite monitors are not widescreeen so you get this mismatch :( I personally like many others use a second regular camera. You find the sonys for about $30 on ebay. While not as good as the gopro, they are pretty close and you dont have to worry about the letterbox issue.

      If you get a $5 3-way video switch from HobbyKing you can hook up 3 cameras and using a switch select which one to feed to your osd or video transmitter.

  • We should have them Monday or Tuesday.  We ship from WI.  www.blackopsdrones.com and https://www.facebook.com/Aeroworksproductions

    $150.00 for the IRIS FPV kit and $229 for matching Diversity Monitor

    • Have you thought about adding the MinimOSD to your FPV kit? That would be really great. 

    • Thanks AKRCGUY, i will highly consider your offer for the FPV kit... especially since it is geared for IRIS, and you offer a phone call if tech support is needed.  Please post when the kit is in.

    • SteveL- We'll let you know.  If you do the facebook thing, follow us there as well as we try to post regularly about new products and inventory.

  • Kit




    Still the best bang for the buck imo.

    I'd also recommend getting cp and the; 

    ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz Audio/Video Transmitter - FatShark compatible (600mw) upgrade.

    I'v not shopped in awhile so something newer in your price point might be out there, another thought would be a basic kit and a usb to video adapter into the laptop for a display where mission planner is running and even toss in a Joystick if that's still possible, I think it is.  for another alt to control.

    • Thanks for you response Rick.  I'm sure this will benefit FPV product seekers.  

      I should have clarified that i am looking for a complete package, not piece meal.  Some call it a starter package, all put together (i.e., not having to figure out what transmitter works with what cable, with what battery, with what battery connector, with what monitor, with a monitor that needs a separate receiver, to one that has the reciever built in, to immersion doesn't work with that monitor, et al.).  I'm sure you get the picture.

      Also, should have noted, no FatSharks, only a 7" monitor.

    • Actually I was also looking to get the IRIS after tax return...

      This one's the most complete offering, I know of including bat. cam. etc.

      Still leaves the gopro 3 if as the FPV cam needing a cable adapter, but in many cases you will find it is best to record on a gopro and have a separate cam for FPV. What most folks will say, anyways. They also have a nice manual for there's at 3d. But again its dated imo, YES bundle the cp ants have a opn for the right cable etc. fully agree...We could start a package web site...HA...


      But I too, would like to see a more updated kits from a few suppliers.

    • 3D kit doesn't have monitor or GoPro cable.  And they told my via a phone call this kit wasn't build for the IRIS. 

      So i'm still seeking a complete FPV package for the IRIS from a US company that is in stock.

    • Hi Steve,\

      I don't beleive there is a kit that is more compete kit for the Iris than the one Rick mentioned above and if you look at the bottom of the page you will see their monitor is an add on option, and a GoPro cable has nothing to do with a FPV system in any case.

      The 3DR system with monitor is closer to $400.00 than $300.00 and if that is too much you are definitely better off going with one of the direct Chinese imports like the Hobby King ones Rick recommended first.

      Personally I would recommend Fatshark Head mounted display based FPV and in particular the Attitude which has a built in receiver:


      And can be purchased from several American stores with a matched FatShark camera for around $400.00. (Just google: fatshark attitude).

      If you get one of these you should also buy their "battery" for the Head mounted display as it doesn't come with it and they don't mention it.

      The Fatshark stuff is all proven excellent quality and it is what the real "pros" in this business use and it doesn't cost any more than the rest.

      My recommendation if you want to do cheap go the hobbyking route, if you want to go good go fatshark. There is nothing wrong with the 3DR kit, but for immersive true FPV flying, a head mounted display works better, it is much harder to pilot FPV by using a separate monitor.

      If you haven't already you should check out the FPV page I wrote for the Wiki:


      Best Regards,


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