FPV package from USA Co...?

Anyone know of a USA company (i.e., not shipped from overseas) selling a quality FPV package for around $300 that is IN stock...?  

To be used on an IRIS using GoPro 3+ as output.

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  • FPV is just the thing for harassing nesting birds. Not that anyone in this community would think of doing such a thing.

  • Guys,

    I ordered the FPV kit from Blackopsdrones (http://shop.aeroworksproductions.com/IRIS-Custom-FPV-System-IRISFPV...).

    Came in a day, installed in seconds up and running in minutes on the Black Pearl monitor I also got from Adam.

    Adam made sure I had what I needed and his service was above expectations explaining everything so this newbie totally understood.


    Highly recommended !!!


    • I also ended up going with Adam's kit and concur with your recommendation, as i promoted on his thread...


      My only issue is the battery life: between the gimbal, tall legs, gopro, and fpv transmitter, i'm down to a 6 minute flight time with the stock IRIS battery - which is really sad.  I knew there would be a trade-off, but not half the battery life!! 

    • Ah, didn't remember seeing it in that thread... yeah battery life is bad but it is my hope small companies like Adam's will have a solution soon.
  • Here is an American based company with starter FPV packages.




    • They were my first choice a couple weeks ago, but ... "Out of Stock."  And no phone # to tell you when it will be in stock (other than an auto-email response).

  • One thing to note is that when the GoPro is recording in HD widescreen it will also letterbox your composite video out. Id personally say that monitors are better when your starting out compared to goggles simply because its easier to look over there at your copter, rather than removing/attaching any goggles.

    • mP1, what do you mean by "letterbox your composite video"...?  Is this a show-stopper for using the GoPro as an output...?

      Regarding goggles, i tried them and it drove me crazy.  As an 'ole fighter pilot, i need to see the whole picture!

    • By letter box i mean black bars above and below the main image. A bit like how some movies are squashed when they get converted for tv in the old days before we had wide screen tvs.

    • Thanks mP1 for clarity. I also googled it and discovered others having problems using 1080 widescreen.  Perhaps others in this forum could share their experiences using GoPro as a FPV camera, regarding letterbox or otherwise.

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